Churches, Clark County IL

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Clark County IL

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Records / History

Dolson Chapel Methodist Church
Dolson Township

Sunday School Convention
Dolson Township

Bailiff Church
Melrose Township
Sunday School Convention
Plymouth Methodist Church

Melrose Township
Plymouth Methodist Church
Melrose Township
Wesley Chapel History
Orange Township

Other Help
Cemeteries in Clark County

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Lookup volunteer 
"Harvesttime on the Prairie -
A History of Baptists in Illinois,

Church and Family History Research Assistance for Primitive Baptist Churches in Illinois - includes Macoupin County
Illinois Church Directory -all known church addresses in Illinois listed
The United States Church Directory

Alan Ball writes, "Records for Immanuel Lutheran in Mt. Olive were microfilmed by the Concordia Historical Institute in St. Louis for 1881 (founding) through 1996. They appear to have a copy of the film (limited hours and there is an access fee), but the St. Louis County Library has a copy of the film in the Specials Collection department at the library headquarters."

Baptist Ministers in Illinois Lookup volunteer - I have acquired the book "Harvesttime on the Prairie - A History of Baptists in Illinois, 1796-1996".
It lists many Baptist ministers during this time period. I would be willing to do lookups by name as indexed in the book. Bob Maloy

Many other church links (Please, let the county coordinator know of bad links):
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