Wesley Chapel, Orange Township Clark County IL

Wesley Chapel History
Clark County IL

Submitted by Becky Millis


History of Wesley Chapel is a compilation of meeting minutes from 1880-1954.  Also included is a “Short History of the Wesley Chapel Church” written in 1932 by Anna Slusser.  The meeting minutes and history are taken from a notebook in the possession of my grandmother, Mrs. Mary Ellen Millis.  Spelling, capitalization and punctuation is as in the original. Enjoy!
Becky Millis   1999

JULY 24TH 1880
at a meeting at Wesley Chapel for the purpose of Building and Erecting a church house at or near Wesley Chapel  present Brother Jonas Spraker Silvester Spraker Samuel Blankenbeker Joseph Millis W W Phillippe John Fortney David Ferrel Samul Fortney Addison Hull and William H Harrison  on Brother Samuel Blankenbeker being Elected to the chair the meeting opened with prayer by Brother Hammill  Wm H Harrison was Elected Secretary on motion of Brother Hammill a Building committee of the Following named persons were Elected to serve as Such Building Committee  Brother Samuel Blankenbeker received ten votes Addison Hull Eleven votes Wm W Harrison Eleven votes David Ferrel nine votes Jonas Spraker ten votes  Brother A Hull
Elected as Treasure of Said Building Committee Wm H Harrison Secretary

Orange Clark County Ills Oct 31st 1880
The following is a copy of the Subscription list for the purpose of building a church house at or near wesley Chapel taken April 6th 1880 We the undersigned hereby promise to pay to George Baker A Hull or Felix Blankenbeker or their Successors Trustees of the ME Church for the Society at Wesley Chapel on the Martinsville circuit Mattoon District Ills Conference the amount placed opposite our names for the purpose of erecting and furnishing a church house for the use and benefit of Said Church to be controlled according to the discipline of Said Church to be located at or near Wesley Chapel in Clark Co Ills one half to be paid on or before the 1st day of October 1880 and the balance on or before the 25th day of Dec 1880
Board of Trustees of Wesley Chapel ME Church met persuant to call the following members present M H Ewers preacher in charge A Hull W H Harrison S Blankenbeker Jonas Spraker John S Fortney meeting called to order by president and the following report was adopted
Report of Board of Trustees of Wesley Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church made this 22nd day of August 1885 Fourth quarterley conference
Number of churches      one
value               2500.00
Expense for fuel            15.00
Lights and Brooms       4.85
Expenses for repairs        45.39
There is no insurance
There is no debts
John Fortney appointed as committee to confer with J F Slusser in regard to purchasing ground west of Graveyard Brother A H Hull asks to be released as Treasure his request granted
Brother J S Fortney Elected Treasurer
M H Ewers  President
W H Harrison   Secretary

October 19th 85
meeting of Trustees of wesley Chapel M E Church Present S Blankenbeker A Hull S Fortney Jonas Spraker M H Ewers chairman moved to appoint Jonas Spraker Committee to procure janitor moved Brother J S Fortney be appointed to repair a leak in roof of Church house Carried Bro Fortney reports in regard to graveyard and matter deferd untill after next meeting of Board
M H Ewers     President
Wm H Harrison  Secretary
Nov 1st 1885 William Baker was employed to keep church house at $2.50 per month

February the 6th 1887 the Board of Trustees of Wesley Chapel met at church
John Fortney. pres. in Chair
Jonas Spraker treaisure presant
Samuel Blankenbeker  presant
Wm. H. Harrison  presant
Addison Hull Secretary presant
the question of fencing Gaveyard was first on hand the vote was to build a fence
            and adjourned A Hull

August the 1st 1887 the Trustees of Church at wesley Chappel met at Chapel John Fortney in chair Board all presant Jonas Spraker treasure and W H Harrison Samuel Blankenbeker A. Hull. Secretary
the Expences for the years past is as follows for janetor and paid by Treaisure       17.63
for coail oil week                1.33
Wood Estimated at           12.00
Is theare any indetedness           none
what is the Church property  valued at twenty hundred Dollars $2000.00
Addison Hull. secretary
March the 26th 1888
Board of Trustees of Wesley Chapel met at Wesley Chapel members presant John Fortney, Jones Spraker president, Samuel Blankenbeker.
W. H Harrison A Hull Sec.  the Board was called to order By John Fortney and proceeded to Buisness on fensing Graveyard motion was made by S Blankenbeker to take in 7 rods evenly of the west Side of the ground eas(t) of olde graveyard the vote was taken and caried. S. Blankenbeker and W. H. Harrison. J. Spraker. voted for it. and A. Hull against it
A motion maid by W. H. Harrison. to put up a barbe wire fence
Seconded by S. Blankenbeker. vote taken and caried.  vote S.
Blankenbeker. J. Spraker. W Harrison for it
Jonis Spraker was appointed as comitty of one to Buy wire and Stapels. gate hinges and latches
S Blankenbeker was appointed to get Sawed posts and Braces and
Deliver them.  A Hull was appointed Make and Deliver 2 gates.  W. H. Harrison was appointed to superentend the putting up of fence and gates and Bord Adjourned
September 7th 1888
the Excences for jenator for past year was $20.32

Aprile the 27th 1889
Bord of Trustees met at Wesley Chapel M E Church members Presant.
Brother T O Baty in chair , Jonas Spraker Treaisure, Samuel
Blankenbeker, Addison Hull Secretary
Abesent John Fortney and Wm H Harrison

the amount Receivd on Subscription to fence graveyard and work was $49.00 and Expended for fensing graveyard and not finished was $50.14 leaving in debt in Debt to Treaisurer $1.14
Subscription not received $10.60 cts it is moved and seconed. that we fence all the graveyard as soon as the money can bee Raised the trustees agree to put up a necesary house for public convenience,
    It is moved and seconed. that we fence the Church as soon as
A Hull Sec
Rev Thomas Baty

August 31st 1889
    Trustees of M. E. Church met at Wesley Chapel. members presant
    Bro T.O. Baty in chear (Paster) Addison Hull sec, Jonas Spraker
    treais, John Fortney, Samuel Blankenbeker Wm. H. Harrison absent.
Probal value of Church $2000, tis in good condition, its Safe from fire, it situation is healthy, is Secure in ordinary storms, it was built 8 years ago its origionel number of trustees was 5, for keeping clean and liting $31.95 cts render the Same Trusteeship they paid for
fencing and other expences $50.14 cts

11 mo 29 da   1891
Rev  Goldsmith after srvises called what trustees prsesant in corner.
trustees prsesant Jonis Spraker Jeferson Sluser, J Fortney and A Hull
a meting was called to see about hiring jenetor
            A Hull Sec

year 1891 and 1892
Rev Orsborn was on this sircuit December 12-1891 he gave me the
Folowing names as trustees
    A Hull
    Samuel Blankenbeker
    Wm H Harrison
    Jonis Spraker
    George Baker
    Henrey Woods
    Jefferson Slusser

April the 14. 1892
the Trustees of Wesley Chapel Board all present the meeting calld to order by bro Hull Prayer by Bro Slusser
the first thing in order was to Elect a chairman S Blankenbeker was
Elected Chairman
T J Slusser was Elcted Sec
Jonas Spraker Tresure
S Blankenbaker
A Hull
W H Harrison
Jonas Spraker            
Henry Wood
Gorge Baker
T J Slusser
Settelment with Tresure find in his hans $ 20.61 motion was made and vote was taken the vote carried to use the money to fence the ballance of the Graveyard motion made to apint J. Spraker and H Harrison a commity to hire a janitor to take care of the Church for one year Vote taken and carried then the meeting ajurned
        T J Slusser Sec

May the 5th 1894
Trustes of Wesly Chapel Met  Only four of the member present
Brother Samuel Blankingbaker
Brother Adison Hull
Brother Jonas Spraker Tesuary
    Henry Wood the first thing in order Prair by Brother Hull the next twas in order was to Elect a secretary to fill Brother Slussers place Henry Wood Elceted Sacrtary by the Bord
On Examine the Book, no report found for 1893 by the Secretary
Brother Sluser Next in order was Setlement with tresuary Brother
Jonas Spraker its balance found on hand $4.61 cnts to be Applied for the use of the grave yard at Wesley Chapel there was a Motion to Have the Church insured if the Money could be raised the next in order was to layoff and sell lots in the wesly Chapel grave yard starting them
at the sum of $2.50 and sold to the highest Bider next in order by Brother Samuel Blankenbaker President - moved to  adjorn Second by
Brother Jones Spraker tresuary
        Henry Woods Secretary
May 5th 1894

Wesley Chapel Sept 3rd 1894
The Trustees of Wesley chapel met at the church.  Members present A Hull J. Spraker Henry Wood. Geo. Baker and A.R. Cooper, Meeting called by Pastor W.P. Bowman A Hull was elected chairman of the board Henry Wood resigned as secretary and A.R. Cooper was elected in his place.  The annual report for the Fourth Quarterly conference
No of Churches          1
Value of Church         $1500
Title by which held Warrentee   Deed
Expendatures for the year
Janitor             $50
Fuel                $10.19
            Total   $60.19
Amount raised by Subscription     32.40
        Deficiency  $27.79

Henry.Wood, Secretary
        per A.R. Cooper
By motion A. R. Cooper was appointed a committee to have chimneys and foundation fixed.  W. P. Bowman acting chairman
        Henry Wood Secretary    

Feb 5th 1898 Names of Trustees
George Baker
W. H. Harrison
A. Hull
Albert R Cooper
Saml T. Fortney
James N. Baker
Jonas Spraker

Wesley Chapel Feb 5th 1898
The Trustees of Wesley Chapel met at church Members present Albert R. Cooper, Geo. Baker, A Hull  Samul. T. Fortney W. H Harrison meting
called to order by Bro. A. Hull Motion made by Bro Fortney to hire Bro Wm. Millis for one year at $30.00 to act as Janitor providing we can get the amount Subscribed all present voted in favor of said motion.
            A. Hull President
        Albert R. Cooper, secretary
Bro. William Millis, began on Feb 14th 1898

Wesley Chapel Nov 6 1898
The board of trustees were called together on Sunday Nov 6 consisting
of    James F. Vaught
            Samuel T. Fortney
            Wm Millis
            James Chapman   
            James Phillippe
and organized as follows
    James F Vaught   Pres
    Wm Millis    Secretary
    Samuel Fortney    Treasurer
met Sat Nov 12 at the church with all present for making arrangements for the repairing of said church Motion by Wm. Millis for trustees to get the materials and to hire a workman to repair the walls - motion carried
Motion by James Chapman to paint the south wall in two coats. -
Wm. Millis and James Chapman appointed to raise the funds for said work and James Phillippe and James Vaught to purchas the materials and see to the repairing of church
Motion by Chapman to adjourn carried
        Wm Millis Secy.

Nov. 13 1903
The Board of trustees met to elect officers for the coming year.
Meeting was called to order by the pastor, Rev. Walter Mitchel-
The following officers were elected
A.R. Cooper, - Pres.
J.W. Baker, - Sec.
W.W. Phillippe,- Trea.

July 11-1904
Received of Bessie Phillippi Sixty dollars and fifty cents ($60.50)
Money collected in subscription for repairing the Church.
            John W. Baker

July 17.-1904
Received of J.W. Baker,- Secy. Sixty dollars and fifty cents $60.50
Money collected by Bessie Phillippi on subscription for repairing the
            W.W. Phillippe,-Tres.

Sept 11-1904
Received of Bessie Phillippi Twelve dollars 75/100 ($12.75cts.)
Money collected on subscription for repairing the church.
            John W. Baker

Oct. 3 - 1904
The board of trustees of Wesley Chapel met at the church all members were present and appointed W. W. Phillippi and A.R. Cooper as committee to repair the church.
            J.W. Baker Sec.

Oct. 17-1904        
Recieved from Besssie Phillippi seventeen dollars ($17.00) money collected on subscription for repairing the church.
            John W. Baker Sec.

Nov. 8 1904
Received of Bessie Phillippi six dollars ($6.00) money collected on subscription for repairing the church.
            John W. Baker Sec.

Nov. 8 - 1904
Received of John W. Baker thirty five dollars and 75/100 $35.75 money collected by Bessie Phillippi on subscription for repairing the
            W. W. Phillippi Tres.

October 31 - 1904
Money paid out of tresuary for cementing the Church House Thirty Two dollars and fifty five cts ($32.55)
            W. W. Phillippi Tres.

Aug 5 ’09
The Trustees of the Wesley Chapel M. E. Church met at the church to decide upon repairing the church B’l’dg - A motion was made that thebuilding be repaired by putting on a new roof.  The outside being painted up and given two coats of paint also give the inside of the  carpet. and purchase a new carpet for the pulpit - The money to be subscribed before work is begun.
    A motion was made and carried to appoint one man to raise the money one to see about the roofing and one the painting.
A motion was made and carried that Bro. James Phillippe act as a committee to raise the money.
Bro. Everett Slusser to see about the painting and Bro Charlie Chapman to see about the roofing.
motion was made and carried that Bro. Jon Baker be allowed the work done in keeping the church amounting to $4.50 instead of further paying on the Janitor work this year.
Bro. Wiley Phillippe was nominated and elected to settle with the janitor for his work also it was farther aggreed that Bro Wiley
Phillippe see about getting a janitor to keep the church the rest of the year.
        John W. Baker. Clerk
Aug. 12 - 1909
The subscription list for the purpose of painting, roofing and repairing Wesley Chapel Church also carpeting same
Willard Payne               $27.00  
Addison Hull                 35.00
James Boyer              10.00
Frank Vaught                   7.00
William Hull                   8.50
Noah Hull                  6.00
John Hull                  6.00
A. J. Fortney                 11.00
J.W. Baker                23.00
E.E. Millis               12.50
J.E. Cooper               17.00
E.E. Slusser                  13.00
Julia Fortney                   5.00
Nelson Baker                  25.00
Sheridan Conklin                6.00
W. W. Phillippe               25.00
Ella Mills                  7.00
James Chapman               ` 17.00
J. N. Phillippe                25.00
Abe Bennett                  3.00
Charles Meeker                   7.00
Albert Cooper                  20.00    
Thomas Keith                   10.00    
A. D. Swope                  3.00
Howard Phillippe                 3.00
Harry Slusser                      .50
Herman Pendleton                 1.00
Alva Janney                  1.00   
Sarah Janney                    15.00
Chester Hix                    .25
N.E. Johnson                       .50
M.A. Shafer                    .50
Grant Elliott                     1.00
F.O. Phillippe                    3.50
Guy Payne                     1.00
Stillman Ruckman                  2.00
Arthur Mills                      1.00
W. W. Nettleton                   3.50
Fred Phillippe                    2.00
M.F. Tague                    3.00
Ray Umstott                   1.00
George Sharp                      1.00
Burl Sharp                    1.00
Soloman Spraker               2.00
P.C. Hasten                    .50
Otto Cornwall                      .50
Leo Umstott                    .50
Jefferson Swope                   5.00
George Bakers                           20.00   
Willie Umstott                    1.00
Walter Vaught                     1.00
Roy Umstott                  1.00
Flora Umstott                    3.00
Nettie Hull                  1.00
Charles Chapman             13.00
Charles Rockwell                 2.00   
Albert Hull                  5.00
Rillie Swope                     2.00
E.P. Mills                   2.00
Myrtle Mills                     1.00
Wallace Washburn                 1.00
Dick Rockwell                      .75
Lorenso Bennett                  1.00
Frank Able                     .50
Charles Spaugh                   2.00
Charles Bennett                    .50
Wiley Wyman                  1.00
John English                       .50
Ernest English                     .50

Money paid out in repairing Wesley Chapel Church
Sept. 2 O.E. Tarman         $1.52
“       “   T.M. Saller           9.44
“       “    J. Tucker              .60
“       13  Saller                     109.78       
“       18  Slusser              10.00
“        “   L.C. McDaniel           28.00  
Oct.   2  J. Ishler                4.80
“       14 E. C. Miller          11.00
“        “  Poorman            1.00
“        “  J. Tucker               .30
“       15 Wood Bros.            81.73
“        “  G. L. Weir                 103.00
“        “  E.E. Slusser             10.00
“       18 L.C. McDaniel               9.70
“        “  E. E. Millis              30.40     
“        “  G. Deahl                7.50
“        “  E. E. Slusser             13.20

Oct 19-1909 The trustees of the Church of Wesley Chapel met at the church and settled all accounts against said Wesley Chapel Church, in full
Amount paid out----------------------------------$432.10
            John W. Baker, Sec.
Expenses for conference Yr. for 1912-13
New Light Plant             $41.00
Carpet                  $37.05
Sexton                  $45.00
Other Church Expenses           $24.00

Wesley Chapell Feb 8th 1913
the board of Trustees met to reorganize.  Member present
Chas Chapman Pres.
W W Phillippe
James Boyer
Chas Baker
EE Slusser
James Phillippe was elected Pres
Chas Chapman Treasurer
EE Slusser sec.
W.W. Phillippe turned over Graveyard money
EE Slusser
motion to adjourned carried
        E. E. Slusser, Sec
Wesley Chapell Nov 13, 1913
Trustees met for reorganization
Chas. Chapman was elected Pres.
E.E. Slusser Sec
W.W. Phillippe Treusure
a proposition to fence graveyard was discused
a motion to refence was made and Seconed, carried
a committee of three was appointed by the Chairman
W W Phillippie
J N Phillippie
E.E. Slusser

a motion to adjourn, motion carried

Wesley Chapell Feb 14th 1919
Trustees met Member present
JN Phillippe    Pres
WW Phillippe
C F Baker
EE Slusser  Sec
a motion was made and seconed for Bro Wiley Phillippe to buy fence and posts for front part of graveyard a motion was made to ask the people for $300 to paint and repair church, caried.  James Phillipie and Chas Baker was appointed to raise money for repair
E.E. Slusser to see about painting
            E.E. Slusser Sec

Wesley Chapell Oct 9
Trustees meet at AJ Fortney
Members Present
EM Baker  Pres
Dennis Cooper  Tr
E E Slusser  Sec
J E Cooper
A J Fortney
J E Cooper was appointed to collect money for expenses

May  19
Trustees meet AJ Fortney
all member
EM Baker  Pres
EE Slusser  Sec
Dennis Cooper Tres
JE Cooper
AJ Fortney
a motion was made by JE Cooper to charge $2.00 for taking care of extra dirt and $1.00 each grave in old part not taking care of taken motion Second AJ Fortney-Carried
motion by Cooper to purchase sutiable tools for Cemetery second by Dennis Cooper including Iron wheel band shovels, ect second by Dennis Cooper.  Carried

JE appointed to get prices on activities concerning resolutions Resolution was passed that all monuments must be placed on good concrete foundation.  Said foundation to well set and approved of by said Trustees monument  is set

Wesley Chapell the trustees meet at AJ Fortney members pres. EM Baker EE Slusser Dennis Cooper JE Cooper AJ Fortney a motion was made JE Cooper and second Dennis Cooper motion carried.

It was moved, Seconded and carried, by a unanimous vote, that the following resolutions be adopted
    Whereas, it is the desire of a large majority of the lot holders and of the Trustees of the Wesley Chapel Cemetery located in Orange Township , Clark County Illinois, to level off and improve
    the said Cemetery so it shall be capable of being mowed with a lawn-mower, over the complete cemetery and be kept in as neat and good condition,
and Whereas, the lot owners interested in said cemetery have donated a large sum of money, being over Six Hundred Dollars ($600.00) in cash and a large amount of labor also donated for the purpose of leveling off and improving the said cemetery and placing it in a condition so that the whole cemetery may be mowed with a lawn-mower and kept free from weeds and tall grass, and Whereas, it is the desire of said lot owners and the Trustees of said cemetry to use said funds in beautifying said cemetery and in levelling the ground and removing all obstructions  so as to prepare said cemetery for being mowed by a lawnmower and to lower or remove footstones and other obstructions in the way of said mowing, and to straighten the tomb stones in said cemetery which are falling over and getting out of line and to place said tomb stones when straightened in line as far as possible, so as to beautify said cemetery.
    Now therefore, the Trustees of Wesley Chapel Cemetery in regular meeting in response to demands of a large majority of the lot owners in said cemetery, and in accordance with their own
    judgment, as to the needs of said cemetery, hereby adopt the following rules and regulations for the beautifying of said cemetery and for keeping said cemetery in good condition in the
    future to with All of the land now used in said cemetery for burying purposes shall be levelled down so that same maybe mowed with a lawn mower.  All mounds in said cemetery which would interfere with said mowing shall be removed and levelled off and all holes in low places in said cemetery shall be filled up so as to make a level condition in the surface of the ground and any concrete curbing or other obstructions built up in said cemetery so as to interfere with said mowing shall be removed or lowered to the level of the ground, so the lawn mower may be run over same and any lots which have been filled up above the general level of the cemetery, shall be lowered and the dirt removed, so that all lots will be on a general level and no lots or graves shall be built up above the general of the ground.
The Trustees of said cemetery or others authorized by them, may at any time remove any such obstructions or built-up places in said cemetery so as to level the ground for mowing purposes.
And the said trustees or persons authorized by them, may at any time remove or lower foot stones to the level of the ground and may straighten and place in line any tomb-stones in said cemetery.
The said Trustees of said cemetery, or other persons authorized by them shall proceed as soon as convenient and weather will permit, to level off all of the said cemetery now being used as above provided, And by use of the funds donated for said purpose, As above specified Proceed to level and beautify said cemetry as said trustees shall deem advisable.

EM Baker    Pres
EE Slusser  Sec
Dennis Cooper
AJ Fortney
JE Cooper     

a motion was made to Sell cemetary lots at $4.00  motion made by AJ Fortney seconed by Slusser caried
a motion was made by Slusser for Cooper to buy locks and chain and lock the two South gates Secd by JE Cooper Carried
a motion to adjourn by JE Cooper Sec Dennis Cooper Caried

Wesley Chapell July 9, 1924
trustees meet a Addison Fortney all members present

Aug 15th 1924
Trustees of Wesley Chapel meet at adison’s Fortney members present
AJ Fortney
Dennis Cooper
EE Slusser

JE Cooper was elected Pres for a term
Motion was made by AJ Fortney seconed by Dennis Cooper that the trustees proceed at once to remove the dirt that was placed on from graves by persons who entered said cemetery without authority and obstructed the lawn mowing of said graves motion caried
Motion was made by Dennis Cooper Sec EE Slusser
            EE Slusser

Wesley Chapell Nov 25
Trustees met at A.J. Fortney all men present
Weley Chapell Oct 11th
Trustees met at A J Fortney all members present consisting of J E Cooper E E Slusser Dennis Cooper Alva Janney Pastor acting as Chairman
  A.J. Fortney was elected Pres E E Slusser was elected Sec,
Dennis Cooper was nominated for Treasure and elected Treasure, a motion was made to appoint A J Fortney to raise both coal and janitor mony
motion carried

Wesley Chapell Oct 17th
Trustees meet at AJ Fortney
members present AJ Fortney EE Slusser Dennis Cooper
Alva Janney J.E. Cooper absent Rev. Skelton acting as Chairman
motion made for same officers to hold over
motion was made and Sec Dennis Cooper collect money for Coal
Oct. 30  the Trustees of Wesley met at addison Fortney.  all members
present.  a motion was made to take the church by the motion carrid
            E E Slusser Sec

Wesley Chapell all Trustees met at EE Slusser home
Trustees Present
E.E. Slusser
John Phillippie
Alva Janney
Dennis Cooper
Buell Millis
John Phillipie was elected President EE Slusser was elected Sec.
Dennis Cooper was elected Treasure

Wesley Chapell  Jan. 26th
Board meet Present
John Phillippie
Alva Janney
Buell Millis
E.E. Slusser
Pastor m. Ghan
the object of meet meeting was find out abut certian funds.  EE
Slusser made a statment in regerd to said funds wich did not meet the aprovel of said board.  the pastor apointed a comm. of three to try and make satisfactory arangements of said funds said consisiting of Pastor Dennis Cooper Buell Millis and Pastor said Committie to report to the Board of Trustees
        EE Slusser  Sec

April 6. 1935
    The trustees of Wesley Chapel church met for the purpose of     appointing a temporary trustee to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of E.E. Slusser.
Dennis Cooper Nominated HF. Blankenbeker. motion carried by majority vote.
Motion made and carried to record the trustees as cemetry trustees at Marshall.
Motion made and carried to buy fence for graveyard.
The fence to be 4ft high and No 9 wire through out, with 4 part hay wire on top.
Contract for mowing of cemetry brought up Motion made to give $4.00 for cutting and $5.00 for cutting and clipping but later reconsidered and made $5.00 straight
Secretary to see about laying off of graves leveling of dirt for hauling away surplus dirt also filling of settled graves He to recieve $2.00 grave subject to his personal collecting
        Buell Millis Temporary Sect.

April 6 1935
Disposition of Money.
Dennis Cooper was authorized to buy $450 worth of U.S. Bonds in
denomination of @25 each

Trustees of Wesley Chapel met Mar. 29. 1936
made a motion to let building go for a while D Cooper made motion to cut insurance on church Seconded by Buell Millis Motion made to turn driveway east and west into lots to be sold
Motion made to let John D Blankenbeker have mowing contract for coming year at 5.00 per clipping

Motion made to adjourn by D. cooper
        H.F. Blankenbeker Sec.

May 12 1937
Meeting of Board of Trustees The Board allowed the following expenses
for the repair of the Cemetery fence
30 rd fence @92cts.         27.60
Miscellaneous                  .96
Brace rods                        1.25
34 posts @25 cts.                 8.50
2 Corner Posts                5.00
        Total                  $43.31   

Alva Janney was authorized to draw this money from the bank and pay the above bills

The board agreed to raise the wages for mowing to $6 per. mowing

Alva Janney was commissioned to buy a gate.
Motion made to change the driveway into lots to be sold at $5 each,
$1 for single graves.  Carried
        by Buell Millis Temporary Sec’y.

Oct 14.1940
Trustee meeting Wesley Chapel
Members present  John Phillippe
        Glen Pendleton
        Alva Janney
        George Slusser
        Buell Millis
Purpose of Meeting:
Election of officers
George Slusser was elected Secretary by consent of all present
Glen Pendleton was appointed Sexton of Graveyard
Alva Janney was elected Treasurer.
    All orders to be written and signed by Secretary and also signed
    by Treasurer
Motion was made to offer Gerald Washburn the contract for mowing the
cemetary for the coming year at $5.50 per mowing.
            Buell D. Millis

Feb. 3rd 1941
Trustee meeting held at Wesley Chapel Mebers present-:
Alva Janney
Buell Millis
Glen Pendeton
Geo E Slusser
Purpose of Meeting to discuss the electric lights to be put in the church how many lights
Where at the kind and the fixtures for the lights
            Geo E Slusser Secy

Jan 8, 1944
The trustees of Wesley Chapel church met and elected Geo Slusser as caretaker of cemetery with the trustees signing agrement that all were respondale in case any thing should happenThe $2.00 for removing the dirt and keeping grave filled was raised to $5.00 and $10.00 if the sexton had to finish help was made motined by Kenneth Blankenbeker and voted by all and carried
The trustees present were
Pres. John Phillippi
Treas. Alva Janney
Secy. Geo. E. Slusser
Kenneth Blankenbeker
Rev. Hoarce Morell Pastor
Buell Millis not being present
        Geo. E. Slusser Secy

At a meeting of the Trustees of Wesley Chapel Cemetery May 22, 1950
for the purpose of organizing and transacting any other business to come before the board
Those present were John Phillippi, Buel Millis, Alva Janney, Loyd Baker and Otto Umstot
Loyd Baker and Otto Umstot had been elected by members of the Wesley Chapel to fill out the unexpired terms of Geo. Slusser and Kenneth Blankenbecker, who had resigned.
Ott Umstot was appointed to fill out the terms of Geo. Slusser and Loyd Baker that of Kenneth Blankenbecker.
Motion was made and carried that Loyd Baker be appointed overseer of cemetery with John Phillippi as his assistant and Otto Umstot as Secy and Alva Janney as treas.
Alva Janney was authorized to buy supplies for mower.  Motion made and carried that Grant Elliot be hired to mow cemetery at $12.00 per mowing.
Motion made and carried the Trustees meet on the First Tuesday in March of each year to transact necessary business
The following report was given by Alva Janney as treas.
Wesley Chapel Cemetery
1944  Henry Reid lawn mower     15.00
1946  Deno Miller lawn mower        16.00
1949  Rolla Burger wheel barrow     25.00
    Less for old barrow
1947  Paul Crumrin  lawn mower      18.00
    Shovels for cemetry
Money in Marshall Bank
Bonds                         225.00     

Wesley Chapel Church
    Wall paper          26.30
    “        “                        2.70
K. Blankenbecker    Paint         7.44
H. Washburn     Sander      13.85
Reed Glass      Sander      15.67
Stricklet           Paint       13.40
Guyer       Sanding floor        chk.   91.19
“       “   “       cash    44.00   
Painting and papering                  151.70
D.L. Midgett - L. Rods         chk.    41.00
“      “             “    “                        cash  44.00
        mops               4.89
        Aisle Carpet           9.15
Ray Baker -         Papering      41.75
Chair covers                    4.70
    10 W. shades              13.41  
Root store      scarf           3.49
H. Hardway      Lmbr and Labor   76.18
Wall paper                40.00
Rug to W. Union             1.55
    carpet               150.00
    binding                 9.55  
fitting green runner                3.00
Fire Ins.   7-19-1949            284.00
Money in Martinsville State Bank           38.48

Motion was made and carried that we adjourn.
        Buel D. Millis acting Secy
        (in David O. Umstot’s writing BH)

March 22- 1951      
At a meeting of the trustees of the Wesley Chapel Cemetery with all members present
Motion was made and carried that Grant Elliot be hired to mow the cemetery, for the year 1951 at $12.00 per mowing.
Alva Janney was authorised to re-insure the church building and contents and raise the valuation of the contents to $600.00 and the building to $4000.00 for fire, and $3000.00 for wind storm.
Motion made and carried, that the old coal shed be torn down and a small building be put up to store tools used in cemetery.  After which they adjourned.
        David O. Umstot. Sec’y

                March 18-1952
At a meeting of the trustees of the Wesley Chapel Cemetery all members were present
John Phillippi was appointed to see about purchasing a lawn mower for cemetery work.  Motion was made and carried that Grant Elliot be employed to care for the cemetery for the year of 1952 at same terms
as 1951
After which they adjourned
        David O. Umstot Sec’ty

                July 1952
On June 4th 1952 an order was given to Orkin exterminating Company, Inc. of Vincennes, Ind. by the trustees, to exterminate the termites in the church building, at a cost of $175.00
The work was completed June 24-1952
Funds for this work was solicited by John Phillippe and the following contributions were received
Lola Lindley                10.00
Loyd Baxter             10.00
Anna Payne              10.00
John Phillippi              10.00
Annie Phillippi             10.00
Alva Wells              10.00
Loyd Baker              10.00
Effie Washburn              10.00
Virgie Wells                10.00
Alva Janney             10.00
George Slusser              10.00
Gerald Washburn           5.00
Fred Phillippi                5.00
Herman Pendleton              5.00
Buel Millis             35.00
Cora Hardway                50.00
Tom Chapman               2.00
Albert Chapman                1.00
Jesse Spraker                 1.00  
Ida Phillippi                 1.00
Harry Blankenbeker            2.00
Charlie Millis                2.00
Fred Downey                 .50
Harrison McDaniel            10.00
Surplus funds were turned over to church treas.
        David O. Umstot Sec’ty

        1953        March 20-53
The Wesley Chapel Trustees met a Wesley Chapel and the following member were present
    John Phillippi  President
    Alva Janney Treasure
    Lloyd Baker     Cemetey Controller
    Buel Millis Member
The first thing of business in order was was the selecting of caretaker of cemetry Grant Elliott was chosen to mow at $12 per mowing after all bill from the terminater were paid by Treasure Alva
Janney there was on hand Aug 4 1952
The amount paid out were
for screen  $10.00
Doors       $45.12
The amount on hand were     92.98
(church fund) the sum on hand   $37.86      
    3786 at present
cemetey fund on hand are
1-  25bond
1 the above in bond are in the Treasure lock box in Dulaney Natl Bank at Marshall Ill
one - 100 bond was cashed before maturity to buy the lawn mower
Cash on hand in cemetry fund is $22.18
Harold Washburn was appointed Sec
Motion to adjurn and next Regular meeting to be in last week in March 1953
            Buel Millis
    Copied by John Phillippe Pres.

The Trustees met at the Wesley Chapel Church on April 15 1954.  The fowelling Trustees present,
Lloyd Baker
Alva Janney
Harold Washburn
John Phillippi
The buissness was to hire a man for care of cemetry.
We voted to hire Grant Elliott to mow and clipp it.  He shall recieve $12.00 for a mowing and $3.00 each time it is clipped.
            Harold Washburn (Sec)

The trustees met at the wesley chaple church april 2 1955 those
present was
Lloyd Baker
Alva Janney
Harold Washburn
Buell Millis
John Philippi
the following business was to hire a man to mow the cemetary we decided to Hire Grant Elliott at 12.50 for mowing and 3.00 clipping
We appointed John Philippi to notify the people of the cemetary that their moniments needed strating up and find out if they would do it them selves
We decided to by a new mower Alva Janney Lloyd B and Harold Washburn was appointed to buy same.
        Harold Washburn  Sec.

A Short history of the Wesley Chapel Church and class as told to me by Aunt Alvira Swope a few years before her death.  And a few later facts added.
She said.   
My parents moved from Ohio to Illinois about the year of 1844.  At that time I was about seven yr. old.  They at first attended meeting at Melrose.  Then as the country became more thickly settled, the people decided to organize a Methodist class and hold meeting at the home of of my parents Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Baker.  This was about the year 1846 and the class was know for some time as the Baker class.
Some of the charter members were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. William Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. John Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. John Holt, Mrs. Sabrina Hull, Mrs. Bostic, and Mrs. Hollowell.
About the year 18(blank) they decided to build a church and call it Wesley Chapel.  It was a frame building about 26X36 feet, and stood about the center of what in now the cemetery.  The frame was of hewn timbers and plastering bath home made.  My mother and myself sawed the logs into board lengths and my father made the boards to cover the church.  This building was used for worship until the year of 1881 when it being too small for the need of the community the brick church was built where it now stands on land given by Wheeler Littleton.  It looks just about as it did 51 years ago.  The building committee for the Brick church were Samuel Blankenbeker, Addison Hull, Wm. Harrison, David Ferrel and Jonas Spraker.  Uncle Jonnie
Weir burned the brick at Darian for Wesley Chapel and St. Paul at the same time.  The old church was sold to James Phillippi who tore it down and built a dwelling house which still stands just east of his present home.
Among the preachers who first served the church were Uncle Nixon Evans and old pioneer of Melrose Township, and Dr. Thornburg of Martinsville Township and when the preacher was absent Joseph Jones or Uncle Joe Millis (As he was called by every one) would, often take charge of the service and preach.
The circuit at first consisted of Wesley Chapel, Darian Plymouth and Old York.  The preacher usualy living at Old York or Darian.  About the year 1876 the circuit was changed from Old York to Martinsville and was known as the Martinsville circuit.
There have been several changes in circuit since that time, but Wesley Chapel has allways been one point on the circuit.
The sunday school was organized in 1851 making the sunday school 81 years old and the class 86 yrs old at the present time.
We are trying to keep the church in repair as our Parents left it for us and hope our children and those who may come into the community will do better.
Written Nov. 26-1932. by Anna Slusser.  

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