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Illinois State Censuses were taken for some or all counties in IL.
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Enumerator instructions for the 1850 thru 1950 censuses at the Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota site

NARA's Comprehensive Guide to the 1930 Census

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Old Time Medical Terms at Lori's site - a list of old medical terms with modern meanings.

Epidemics - a link at Lori's site - will help you understand why your family moved.

From Tom Bunt:
I just read in the July/August issue of the "National Genealogy Society Newsletter" an article by Claire Prechtel-Kluskens, Director of NGS called "The Nonpopulation Census Schedules: Part 1, Agriculture and Manufacturing Schedules."

Here's the essence:

For the years 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 there's an additional schedule of information about farms: name of owner, manager, acres, cash value, horses, cows, mules, etc. The amount of oats, tobacco, cotton, etc. produced. (In 1850 farms that produced less than $100 worth of products were not included.)

For 1820, 1850, and 1860 the manufacturing schedule reported the type of business or product, amount of capital, value of raw materials, etc. (Manufacturing operations producing less than $500 worth of goods were not included.)

So, if your ancestor was on a farm, you can find out what they grew, how much, if they were making any money (or why they moved from the acres that didn't grow anything).

The census is available from American Genealogical Library or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints or the National Archives, etc.

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