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Clark County IL
Photo Album
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Family and Group Photos

Photos Of Historical Interest

Remembering Our Veterans

Church Photos

School, Team and Class Photos

Unidentified People and Places

Family and Group Photos

James Charles Stogsdill

Nellie Hetherington

John Graham and family

Montgomery, children of Clay Burns and Cynthia Josephine (Eitel) Montgomery

Clarence Lathrop and family

Three Clark County Shoemaker and related women

Mrs. Lydia Foster and her grandson James Foster Miller

John Washington Higginbotham and Family

John David Shoemaker

Photos of Historical Interest

Casey Shooting Oil well

Jasper Ave. in Casey

Remembering Our Veterans

Church Photos

Mill Creek Baptist Church
Wesley Chapel

School, Team and Class Photos

Choctah School Anderson Township - 1909

Choctah School Anderson Township - 1913

Dennison School about 1940

Dennison school 1940s

Dennison school 1942-43

Dennison School 1951 or 195

Prairie, class picture 1927

Westfield College 1908 (3)

Westfield College 1908

Second Westfield College 1908

Westfield Class of 1932

Graduating class at Westfield College

West Union School 1936/37

Choctaw school 1909

Choctaw School 1913

Darwin School 1927

Unidentified People and Places

Unknown Hetherington Man

School Children

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