John Washington Higginbotham and Family
Submitted by; Ronald E. Higginbotham

Front row: seated, Velma, daughter of William Otto & Laura (Walker)
Higginbotham; sitting, Martha (Durham) Higginbotham, John's mother;
John W.; Ralph, son of Ottie & Lula (Higginbotham) Davison; Amy
(Lewis) Higginbotham holding Lula, daughter of William Albert
("Billie") & Mattie (Higginbotham) Carpenter; William Albert
Carpenter holding Harold, his son

Second row: Laura (Walker) Higginbotham, William Otto Higginbotham's
wife, holding her daughter Hazel; Mattie Idelia (Higginbotham)
Carpenter; standing behind Martha and John is Hershel Higginbotham;
Hattie Mary (Higginbotham) Ledermann; Grace (Carpenter) Higginbotham,
John Edward Higginbotham's wife, holding her daughter Gladys; Ormal
Higginbotham; Lula Bell (Higginbotham) Davison; standing in front of
Lula is Vern, her son

Third row: William Otto Higginbotham; Clarence Henry Higginbotham;
George Ledermann, Hattie's husband, standing partly in front of
Clarence and partly behind Hattie; Harry Daniel Higginbotham; John
Edward Higginbotham, Ottie Davison, Lula Bell's husband.

John Washington Higginbotham, and his family.  John (1858-1935) lived
in Clark County all his married life.  He married Amy Adelia Lewis,
daughter of John Calvin and Mary Ann (Thompson) Lewis, on October 28,
1880.  The above picture was taken circa 1917.

Prepared by
Ronald E. Higginbotham, Ph.D.
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