Third Annual Spring Teachers Association 1897

Clark County Herald


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The following teachers were present and enrolled for the third annual teachers association.

Allen, F.N.

Arbuckle, Laura

Baird, Cora

Benson, Maud

Bierbaum, Anna

Binning, S.R.

Brady, Julia

Brady, Lizzie

Chapman, I.T.

Chrysler, Flora

Chrysler, Nellie

Collier, Daisy C.

Coons, Nellie

Cooper, Libbie

Crouch, J.C.

Devol, Frank

Dow, Frank

Dow, Myria

Drake, H.W.

Drummond, William

English, Mrs. Robert

Evans, Wade O.

Fairgrief, Mack

Findley, Daisy

Findley, Lulu

Floyd, Laura

Forrester, Bert

Fredenberger, Mary

Garwood, Pearl

Green, Harry E.

Grubbs, Albert

Hall, Harris E.

Hall, Sabina

Handy, Myrtle

Handy, Loudell

Handy, William

Hedges, Lewis

Hetisley, J.H.

Huckaba, Alice

Lafferty, Kittie

Lowe, Frank

Lowry, William

Mathews, Effie

McClure, Jennie

McFarland, Nellie

Montgomery, Cecile

Moulters, Myrtle

Murphy, Ella

Nusbaum, Nannie

Page, Myrtle

Perisho, J.M.

Perisho, Lenono

Phillippe, J.S.

Prevost, Edith

Reed, John

Scrugham, Prof J.

Sewell, Frank

Shaw, Eleanor

Smith, Alvan

Smith, Flozza

Sneed, Edna

Sneed, Jennie

Steadington, Daisy

Steadington, Stella

Stevens, Eva

Stewart, Jessie

Sweet, Aus Jr.

Thompson, Enoch A.

Tingley, Rosa

Wallace, L.A.

Weir, Jane

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