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About thirty teachers were here last Saturday expecting to attend the graduating exercises of the rural schools.

Professor Streich, of Westfield College, was in Marshall Saturday and Sunday.   Mr. Streich is professor of languages at the college and is doing a great work in the up building of that institution.   He is a thorough scholar and a good instructor and is one of the best hustlers and mixers we ever met.

Many of the winter schools are now taken.   The following are some that we have noted.


       NAME             SCHOOL

1.    Bartlett, Bert          Brick

2.    Beabout, Lyman          Jeff Davis

3.    Brown, Edith            Casey

4.    Bubeck, Charley         Choctaw

5.    Casteel, Nellie         Eckel

6.    Church, Etta            #5

7.    Claypool, W.E.          Lower Union

8.    Coons, W.S.       Hatton

9.    Crouch, J.C.            York

10.  Daughertee, Anna   Lindsey

11.  Davison, John H.         Livingston

12.  Dickerson, John          Marvin

13.  Dow, Frank         Union

14.  Fredenberger, Mary Auburn

15.  Gard, Hattie       East Liberty

16.  Gossett, Lizzie          Casey

17.  Green, Harry             West Union

18.  Green, Henry       Buttermilk

19.  Grubb, Albert            Howe

20.  Hall, Harris E.          Castlefin

21.  Hall, Maud         Darwin

22.  Hanley, Myrtle           Black Hawk

23.  Howell, Ettre            Casey

24.  Humphrey, Lola J.  Briscoe

25.  Johnson, Nora            Union #2

26.  Kelley, Elma       Casey

27.  Lee, P.R.                Auburn

28.  Lowry, W.S.        Casey

29.  McClure, Jennie          Mozart

30.  Moore, Lelia       Westfield

31.  Mount, Mat         Darwin

32.  Murphy, Ella       Pleasant Grove

33.  Nusbaum, Nannie          Oak Grove

34.  Perisho, Edwin           Possium Ridge

35.  Pratt, Cora        Westfield

36.  Ritter, Gustave          Washington

37.  Ryan, Harry        Concord

38.  Schumacker, George       Kohl

39.  Schwartz, John H. Jr.    Clarksville

40.  Scrugham, John           Casey (Principal)

41.  Shawler, Loreno          #6

42.  Shoemaker, J.D.          Westfield (Principal)

43.  Sinclair, F.H.           Round Grove

44.  Smith, A.                Richwoods

45.  Sneed, Edna        #1

46.  Stephens, Eva            Rabbit Ridge

47.  Sweet, Austin            Perisho

48.  Tingley, Rosa            Frogpond

49.  Turner, Dixon            Lincoln

50.  Washburn, W.H.           White Oak

51.  Williams, Josee          Casey

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