Dennison School Clark County IL Report - 1886

Clark County Herald


The teacher is W.T. Hollenbeck.  Pupils standing 100 in arithmetic were John and Mary Walley, Dollie Strable, Mollie Hood, Maggie and Christie Jones, Thomas and Harmon Volkers, Mamie Gore, Charles Thacher and Wash Hollenbeck.

Pupils standing 90 or more in history were Mamie Gore, Wash Hollenbeck, John Waller and Harmon Volkers.

Those standing 85 or above in geography were Mamie Gore, Wash Hollenbeck, Thomas and Harmon Volkers, John and Mary Waller and Mollie Hood.

Those standing 100 in grammar were Mamie Gore, Thomas Volkers and Wash Hollenbeck.

Those standing above 95 in philosophy were John Waller, Harmon Volkers and Mamie Gore.

Pupils present each day were Iva and Jennie Nickels, Maggie and Cora Jones, Sarah Montgomery, Fred Rollings, Voorhees, Frank, John, Lillie and Ezekiel Ellerson, Maggie Struble, Eva Palmer, Charles, Lawrence Walter,  and Jesse Coffel, Harmon and Edgar Volkers, William Mott, James and Thomas Stepp, Eliza Ray, Jessie Goodman, Wash Hollenbeck, Zella Wilson and Lillie and Allie Moody.

Visitors were Misses Binnie Greenlee, Gertrude Gore, Jennie Batson, Laura Fears, Sallie Preston, Emma and Maggie Landes and Mrs. Walker Nickels.

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