World War I - Men Drafted From Clark County IL 1918 - Surname S

Compiled by Ron Cornwell and typed by Cindy McCachern

The following list of names were published in the Clark County Herald newspaper during 1918. A check under a given date indicates that person appears in an article in the newspaper on that date. A description of the articles are listed below.

January 23, 1918 - Final classification of registrants by the District Draft Board.

February 6, 1918 - A list of those called for physical examinations

February 13, 1918 - A list of those failing to pass their physical examination.

April 24, 1918 - This is list of men sent to Camp Dix, New Jersey, for Army service.

May 29, 1918 - This is a list of men sent to Fort Thomas, KY, under charge of Roy Hardway.

May 29, 1918 (2) - This is a list of men sent to Camp Gordon, GA, under charge of Harry Downey.

May 29, 1918 (3) - This is a list of men sent to Jefferson Barracks, MO, under charge of Arthur Chapman.

June 12, 1918 - This is a list of 142 men who reached the age of 21 since June 5 of last year and were registered in Clark County.

June 12, 1918 (1) - This is a list of men sent to Rake Auto School in Kansas City, MO, for training.

July 10, 1918 - This is the order that Clark County Army registrants were drawn to be called to report for the draft.

July 31, 1918 - This is the final classification of registrants for the draft.

August 14, 1918 - This is a list of registrants called to report to training camps at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan, and Camp Forrest, Lytle, GA.

August 28, 1918 - This is a list of men newly called for training camp.

October 16, 1918 - This is the order in which the September registrants for the draft were drawn.

    1-23 2-6 2-13 2-24 5-29 5-29 5-29 6-12 6-12 7-10 7-31 8-14 8-28 10-16
Saiter, Clifford W. West Union             X         X    
Sakin, Claude Marshall                   X        
Sanders, Hurley Marshall                         X  
Sanders, Tom W. Marshall             X         X    
Sandy, Oscar F. Westfield                       X    
Scott, Earl Martinsville             X         X    
Scott, James A. Dennison X   X                      
Scott, Walter E. Martinsville                         X  
Schick, Edward LeRoy                             X
Schoefield, Robert Dulaney                             X
Schwartz, Frank Forest Marshall                       X    
Schwartz, Randolph W. Casey   X X                      
Serwise, Martin I. West Union                       X    
Serwise, Russell Marshall               X   X X      
Setzer, Joseph L. Dennison X                          
Sevinford, Elbra G. Dennison                       X    
Shade, Charles E. Marshall                       X    
Shade, Glen Frederick Marshall               X   X X      
Shaffner, Carl                             X
Shaffner, Hartford                             X
Sharp, Dr. Ara Martinsville                       X   X
Sharp, John Edward                             X
Shawler, Loreno A.                              
Shawver, Milton E. Casey               X   X        
Shawver, Willie Martinsville                       X    
Shick, Charles L. Casey   X X                 X    
Shields, Harry D. Martinsville                       X    
Shinkle, Glenn R. Martinsville                       X    
Shirley, Fred F. Dennison           X           X    
Shirley, Huston Delbert                             X
Shiverly, Louis Henry                              
Shoemaker, Charles Jesse                             X
Short, Walter                             X
Shotts, Aaron Marshall X           X         X    
Shotts, George Adam Marshall             X         X    
Shumaker, Elbert E. Marshall                         X  
Shumaker, William E. Marshall X   X X               X    
Shute, John Franklin Casey               X   X X      
Sims, Fred West York   X X                 X    
Siverly, Harvey D.             X                
Siverly, Louis Henry Marshall                       X    
Slusser, William Clyde Casey                       X    
Smitely, William                              
Smith, Arthur Casey                         X  
Smith, Burl F. Dennison   X                        
Smith, Clarence Charles Marshall               X   X X      
Smith, Clarence Walter                             X
Smith, Clyde Edward Marshall                       X    
Smith, Earl Casey X   X                 X    
Smith, Earl F. Dennison     X                      
Smith, Edward E. Dennison                       X X  
Smith, Homer E. Martinsville     X                      
Smith, Jesse Allen                              
Smith, Walter                              
Smitley, William Martinsville                       X    
Snyder, Francis A. Westfield                       X    
Snyder, Harry W. Westfield                            
Snyder, Myram Casey                       X    
Sockler, John O. Marshall                         X  
Sockler, Raymond Ernest                       X    
Spaugh, Harry F. Martinsville                       X    
Specht, Olin Marshall               X   X        
Spencer, Edward Dennison           X           X    
Spires, Arthur Ernest Marshall   X X                 X    
Spittler, Guy                             X
Spittler, Ray Henry                             X
Spraker, Jesse Alexander                             X
Spraugue, Ermal E. Oilfield         X             X    
Staley, Earl E. Casey     X X               X    
Staley, Hilton T. Casey                       X    
Staley, John W. R. Casey                         X  
Staley, Owen Casey                       X    
Staley, Owen W.           X                  
Stanfield, James Benjamin                             X
Stanfield, Percy West York               X            
Stark, Daniel Alonzo                             X
Starkey, Odes A.                             X
Stephen, Ben Martinsville X                          
Stephen Daniel Alonzo                              
Stephen, Harry Elvis                             X
Stephenson, Rolla B. Martinsville         X             X    
Stepp, John Dennison                       X    
Steward, Francis Oilfield                       X    
Stewart, Binnford Raymond                             X
Stillwell, Webster Martinsville X X X                      
Stinson, Franklin B. Casey                         X  
Stockbine, Ira                             X
Stogsdill, Elmer Clyde Dennison                       X    
Stone, Walter Darwin                       X    
Strader, William Henry Westfield             X         X    
Strohm, Fred T. West Union                       X    
Strohm, Jesse West Union                         X  
Strohm, Perry H. West Union                       X    
Stultz, Harry Casey X                          
Sullivan, Harry B. Casey                       X    
Sullivan, John                             X
Sweet, Murl Martinsville     X                      
Swinford, Edie G.               X              
Sweitzer, Anzlie West Union               X   X X      
Sweitzer, Harry Anthony                             X
Swisher, Homer Ivan Marshall                 X     X    
Switzer, Wallace Dennison     X                 X X  
Swope, Edgar Oran Annapolis                            

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