World War I - Men Drafted From Clark County, IL 1918 - Surnames A-C

Compiled by Ron Cornwell and typed by Cindy McCachern

The following list of names were published in the Clark County Herald newspaper during 1918.  A check under a given date indicates that person appears in an article in the newspaper on that date.  A description of the articles are listed below.

January 23, 1918 - Final classification of registrants by the District Draft Board.

February 6, 1918 - A list of those called for physical examinations

February 13, 1918 - A list of those failing to pass their physical examination.

April 24, 1918 - This is list of men sent to Camp Dix, New Jersey, for Army service.

May 29, 1918 - This is a list of men sent to Fort Thomas, KY, under charge of Roy Hardway.

May 29, 1918 (2) - This is a list of men sent to Camp Gordon, GA, under charge of Harry Downey.

May 29, 1918 (3) - This is a list of men sent to Jefferson Barracks, MO, under charge of Arthur Chapman.

June 12, 1918 - This is a list of 142 men who reached the age of 21 since June 5 of last year and were registered in Clark County.

June 12, 1918 (1) - This is a list of men sent to Rake Auto School in Kansas City, MO, for training.

July 10, 1918 - This is the order that Clark County Army registrants were drawn to be called to report for the draft.

July 31, 1918 - This is the final classification of registrants for the draft.

August 14, 1918 - This is a list of registrants called to report to training camps at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan, and Camp Forrest, Lytle, GA.

August 28, 1918 - This is a list of men newly called for training camp.

October 16, 1918 - This is the order in which the September registrants for the draft were drawn.

    1-23 2-6 2-13 2-24 5-29 5-29 5-29 6-12 6-12 7-10 7-31 8-14 8-28 10-16
Abel, Harry Carl Marshall     X X               X    
Albert, Jay Dennison                   X        
Alcoon, Roy Dennison X X X                 X    
Alexander, William West Union                       X    
Allred, Everett Thomas                             X
Anacher, Robert Marshall                       X    
Anderson, Floyd Westfield                         X  
Appleby, Denton Brooke Casey               X   X X      
Arnold, Russell                             X
Ashley, Albert Casey               X   X        
Ashley, Amos L. Casey                     X      
Askin, Claud T. Marshall               X            
Athey, Floyd T. Marshall               X   X        
Atkins, Will Martinsville                       X    
Aug, Bruce Casey     X                      
Auld, Ernest R. Martinsville X X X                      
Austin, Claud Marshall                   X        
Back, Howard Filghman                             X
Bailey, Aulson Martinsville     X X               X    
Baud, Dean D. Casey                       X    
Baud, Everett                             X
Baud, Roy S. Casey               X   X X      
Baker, Chester David                             X
    1-23 2-6 2-13 2-24 5-29 5-29 5-29 6-12 6-12 7-10 7-31 8-14 8-28 10-16
Baker, Edgar E. West York                       X    
Baker, Forrest W. West Union               X   X        
Baker, Harry E. West Union                            
Baker, James E. York                            
Bancroft, Earl Casey                            
Bancroft, William D. Casey                            
Barbee, Floyd                              
Barnesberger, Harry E. Marshall X                          
Barnesberger, Louis Marshall X                          
Barker, Sonn Allen Martinsville                            
Barnes, Claude Marshall                            
Barr, Harry L. Martinsville                              
Bartholomew, Ernest Martinsville                            
Bartlett, Ethelbert                              
Bartlett, Herman West Union                            
Bartlett, Russell M. West Union                            
Bartlett, True West Union                            
Bartram, John Conrod                              
Baxter, Oliver Leroy Martinsville                            
Beabout, Arthur Martinsville                            
Beabout, Carl J.                              
Beabout, Ralph Martinsville                            
Beals, Merl E. Butler, PA                            
    1-23 2-6 2-13 2-24 5-29 5-29 5-29 6-12 6-12 7-10 7-31 8-14 8-28 10-16
Bean, Henry Newton                              
Beard, Roy E. Marshall                            
Beason, John Garvey Casey                            
Beasley, Noah Allen Casey                            
Beeson, Harry G. Casey                            
Beeson, Johnie Casey                            
Bell, Forest E. Casey                            
Bell, Lloyd E. Casey                            
Bender, Fred                              
Bender, Walter Lee Marshall                            
Bennett, Claude Casey                            
Bennett, Mervin E. Martinsville                            
Bennett, Ralph Kansas                            
Bennett, Vern Martinsville                            
Bennett, Vess Martinsville                            
Bierbaum, Charles E.                              
Bishop, Clyde York                            
Bishop, Roscoe Martinsville                            
Bland, Royce Andrew Dennison                            
Blockinger, Aaron                              
Bloodworth, Emory M. Martinsville                            
Bloodworth, William T. Martinsville                            
Blundell, Charles L., Jr. Marshall                            
Blunk, Arthur A. Martinsville                            
    1-23 2-6 2-13 2-24 5-29 5-29 5-29 6-12 6-12 7-10 7-31 8-14 8-28 10-16
Bolsiger, Walter R. Marshall                            
Boggs, Clarence Marshall                            
Bohn, Frank Marshall                            
Booth, Lyman Marshall                            
Boser, Frank Marshall                            
Bousman, Alva Epperson Westfield                            
Boyer, Rex B.                              
Brandenberg, James Roscoe Casey                            
Brandenburg, Harry E. Casey                            
Brandburg, Ora Clarence                              
Brandenstein, John W. Marshall                            
Brann, David Casey                            
Bray, John F. Marshall                            
Bridgett, Roy V. Martinsville                            
Bright, Harold                              
Briscoe, Harry Allen                              
Broadhurst, Roy West Union                            
Brosman, Harry G. Casey                            
Boughton, Ellis Casey                            
Brown, David Ralph Casey                            
Brown, Riley Casey                            
Brown, Russell W. Marshall                            
Browne, Marion H. Casey                            
Brummet, George Elzie                              
    1-23 2-6 2-13 2-24 5-29 5-29 5-29 6-12 6-12 7-10 7-31 8-14 8-28 10-16
Bruner, Malcolm E. Marshall                            
Bruner, Wesley Marshall                            
Brunker, H. Victor Casey                            
Buckle, Abraham S. Martinsville                            
Caffin, Morlie West Union                         X  
Cale, William Robert Marshall                       X    
Callahan, Everett Marshall                       X    
Camron, Charles H. Marshall                       X    
Carlyle, Ivan E.                             X
Carlyle, Walter O. West Union               X   X X      
Carpenter, Ivan E. Casey           X           X    
Carpenter, Oscar O. Marshall               X   X X      
Carpenter, Wesley West Union               X   X X      
Carrell, John Casey X                          
Castleman, Wilber L. Marshall                       X    
Cavalt, Russell Martinsville         X             X    
Chapman, Arthur G. Martinsville             X         X    
Chapman, Vernie McKinley Casey               X   X X      
Cher, Robert Ana           X                  
Chicadonz, Wilbur Otto Casey               X   X X      
Childe, John Willard Martinsville   X X                 X    
Chisler, John E. Dennison                       X    
    1-23 2-6 2-13 2-24 5-29 5-29 5-29 6-12 6-12 7-10 7-31 8-14 8-28 10-16
Christine, John                             X
Churchill, Percey W. Casey               X   X        
Clapp, John Marshall X                          
Clark, James M. Marshall                       X    
Clark, John Marshall                       X    
Clark, Lozie A. York                       X    
Clark, Roscoe                             X
Clatfelter, Harold D. Marshall     X X               X    
Clatfelter, John Edward                             X
Claypool, Joseph S. Casey               X   X        
Claypool, Russell Martinsville X                          
Claypool, Silas Mile Marshall                         X  
Clements, Olen R. Marshall X                          
Cline, Albert W. Marshall   X X               X      
Cline, Herschell West Union X                          
Cline, Ray Walnut Prairie                         X  
Cline, Walter Martinsville X                          
Clough, Emmet                             X
Clough, Russell Martinsville                       X    
Clouse, James R. Marshall                         X  
Cole, Fenton Booth Marshall                       X    
Coleman, Al Casey         X             X    
Coleman, Edwin Casey                       X    
Coleman, Ernie         X                    
    1-23 2-6 2-13 2-24 5-29 5-29 5-29 6-12 6-12 7-10 7-31 8-14 8-28 10-16
Coleman, Ervin Casey     X                      
Coleman, Kevin Casey   X                        
Collins, Robert Burk                             X
Combs, Bryan Marshall               X   X        
Comer, Cloyse Martinsville   X X                 X    
Conley, Cleveland Westfield                         X  
Connelly, Edgar Franciseo Martinsville               X   X X      
Connelly, Eric E. Martinsville       X               X    
Connelly, John F. Martinsville X                          
Connelly, Sylvan Casey               X   X X      
Conrad, Harry Samuel                             X
Cook, Chester Martinsville                         X  
Cooley, Jacob Arley Yale               X   X X      
Cooley, Otto Yale                       X    
Cooper, Ernest C. Martinsville             X            
Cooper, Russell H.             X           X    
Cork, Fred Marshall X                          
Cork, Lyman B. West Union                       X    
Cormican, Fred D. Casey                       X    
Cornwell, George Everett                             X
Cornwell, Howard Westfield         X                  
Coryell, Noble York                       X    
    1-23 2-6 2-13 2-24 5-29 5-29 5-29 6-12 6-12 7-10 7-31 8-14 8-28 10-16
Counterman, Cecil                             X
Counterman, James Dallis                             X
Cown, John Edward                             X
Cox, Jesse Lee                             X
Coyle, Robert V. Marshall                       X    
Craig, Aaron B. West Union             X         X    
Craig, Charles Wesley Martinsville                       X    
Craig, Leo Gottis Martinsville   X X                 X    
Craig, Russell West Union   X X                      
Crouch, Samuel Rex Casey                         X  
Crumrin, Estel Blaine Marshall     X X               X    
Crumrin, Roy E. West Union                       X    
Crumrin, William A. West Union   X X                 X    
Cunningham, Loyle Martinsville               X   X X      
Curran, Charles P. Marshall                       X    
Curran, William Marshall X                          
Curry, Charles V. York                         X  
Cutsinger, Lewis M. McKeen               X   X X      

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