From unknown newspaper dated about 14 May 1937.




One Hundred and Fifty-Two Guests Pay Respects to Local People On Occasion


One hundred fifty-two persons were present at the dinner and open house reception held Sunday, May 16, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Willard in observance of their golden wedding anniversary.


Joseph H. Willard, son of Thomas and Ruth Willard and Addie Lindley were married May 14, 1887 by Rev. Thommy Bailiff at the home of the bride's parents two miles east of Annapolis.


Mr. and Mrs. Willard have spent most of their time since their marriage in Clark, Crawford and Effingham counties. They are the parents of nine children, eight of whom are living, Mrs. Emma Eskew of Urbana, Mrs. Ruth Piersall of Annapolis, Arthur of Kankakee, Noah of Robinson, and Harry, Ira, Charles, and Frank of California. The four sons residing in California were unable to be here at this time. There are twenty-four grandchildren, sixteen of whom were present and six great grandchildren and five of whom were present.


At noon Sunday, sixty-five relatives and close friends of the couple were guests at dinner. The table was beautiful with flowers and a large wedding cake with miniature figures of bride and groom was used as a centerpiece.


In the afternoon a program including songs and readings was presented by Claud and Nina Piersall. Edgar Eskew, Hilah Willard, Carl Hall, Ruby Guyer, Francis and Irene Drake and Frances Wheeler.


The couple received a large number of beautiful and useful gifts together with flowers and congratulatory messages.


Guests who were present during the day included:


Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Eskew and daughter, Mary, Mr. and Mrs. Norton Eskew and daughter, Wilma Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Eskew and children, Barbara, June, Ronald, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shore, all of Urbana; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Willard and daughter, Shirley, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Seborg of Kankakee; Mrs. Susie Willard, Albert White, and Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Davis and children, Harold, Varden, George, John, Leo, Sylvester, Walter, Mae, Catherine, and Mary, all of Watson, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. John L. Piersall and son, Donald, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Piersall and children, Oscar, Dottie, Claude, June, Leo, Nina, George and Neva, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Tyhurst, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wolfe and daughter, Irene, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Lindley and son Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Lou Jackson, all of Annapolis; Miss Alverta Philippe, Mrs. Charles Jacobs, Mrs. Kenneth Mikeworth, Mr. and Mrs. Noah Willard and daughter, Hilah, Mrs. H. D. Hancock, Mrs. Earl Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Metheny, Mrs. Charles Metheney and children, Rosemary, Norma, Jacklin, Charleen, Arthur M. Willard, Mr. Abel, Isaac Tuttle, Mrs. Ralph Myers, all of Greenup, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Horace Plunkett and children, Iona, John, Irma Irene, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Henderson and children, Irma Louise and Billy, Mrs. Emma Taylor, Lois aTtaway, Jessie Attaway, Mrs. Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Hall and children, Carl and Nellie, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Spaugh and daughter, Doris, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Wheeler and children, Peggy and Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Blair, Mrs. Mary Gates, Mr. and Mrs. Sherrell McKinney and daughters, Marie and Elsie Mae, all of Robinson; Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Bassett, Mr. and mrs. Virgil Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lindley, Mr. and Mrs. Lowden Lindley, Miss Ruby Guyer, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lindley, Mr. and Mrs. George Allison, Mr. and Mrs. Vance Van Tassell and children, Junior, Kathleen, Charles Norman, Mr. and Mrs. Lawson and children, Gene, Mary Jo, Alice ann, all of Hutsonville; Elwin Evans of Toledo, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Frances, Mrs. Esther Wheeler and daughter, Frances, Miss Irene Drake, Miss Frances Drake, of West York; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Lindley, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lemke and daughter Frances of Flat Rock; Mrs. Williams of Oakland City, Ind; Miss Ola Lindley and Mrs. Seibert Kelm and daughter, Mary Ann of Decatur; Mr. and Mrs. Raley Smith and children, Wm. Lawrence, Allen Eugene, Francis Dean, of Dalton City, Illinois.