Miss Mattie Rook of Casey came Tuesday to visit Mrs. C.B. Rook a few days.

   C.S. Buckner shipped a load of hogs to Indianapolis Thursday.

   W.F. Ormiston is preparing to move to Arkansas.

   A.H. Drake went to Terre Haute Thursday on business.

   Hugh Hamilton and wife of Hutsonville were here Thursday to see her sister, Margarette, who returned to Decatur after a month’s visit in York.

   Matt Nidey was in Robinson Thursday, courting.

   Col. Bedwell of Farmersburg was here Tuesday night.

   Frank Weeks is preparing to move to assumption, IL, and be a doctor.

   John Carter returned to Lawrence County Saturday after a two weeks visit.

   Aunt Lucinda Willard is in very poor health.

   Bertha Buckner is recovering from two weeks illness.

   Al Parker of Robinson spent Sunday night here.

   Tom Welsh wants to sell his fine residence.

   P.G. Brabury and Fent Booth of Marshall attended court in York Wednesday.  






   John Willard has returned to Missouri.   Mrs. T.H. cooper is not much better.   T.C. Bailiff closed this Willow Creek meeting Sunday night.   Ves Buckner shipped a load of hogs to Indianapolis Wednesday.   Eugene Bennett has purchased a lot here and will build.   Robert Anderson who has been here three months visiting started this week to Mexico.   John Patton and Ed Mitchell of Marshall attended a party here Thursday night.   C.P. Ransford brought a car load of hogs across the river on the ice Thursday and sent them to Indianapolis.   A surprise party was given Thursday night for Bertha Buckner, it being her eighteenth birthday.   Henry Willard of Hutsonville was here Tuesday measuring a carload of lumber that William Boyd has sold.   Paris birch was struck on the head by a limb from a falling tree Wednesday.   He is doing nicely though it was a narrow escape.   Dr. Dupeurow one of the new doctors had both legs broken at Terre Haute Wednesday.   He was on his way to Shelby County to start Frank weeks to work.

Bessie Walker Sundayed in Marshall.   Mrs. Irwin returned Saturday from a four week visit in Terre Haute with her sons.   A suit of some importance was set for trial at Robinson Monday to ascertain what right A.H. Drake of this place and Dr. Dupeurow of Michigan had to practice medicine without being a registered physician in one case and none at all in the other.   Quite a number of witnesses from Quaker Lane were subpoenaed.   Dr. Fought of Farmersburg came over in a sleigh Friday to bring his wife to the station.   Rev. Huston of Marshall came Monday to assist in the meeting.   Wiley Bell is under the doctor’s care.  






   Thomas Ralston received nearly one hundred dollars as the result of rerating of his pension.   He now gets $12.   The body of Harry Riggs who died of consumption in Terre Haute was brought to York yesterday.   ELLIS STANFIELD cut his foot Tuesday.   Mrs. G.W. Bishop started Saturday to Kentucky, her former home on business.   Mrs. Sallie Cook of Robinson spent Wednesday night with her sister Mrs. Bishop.   G.W. Shaffer representing a National Loan Association was here trying to organize a local board.   Miss Buckner expects to go to Dudley, Mo, this week to hold a series of meetings.   Oscar Corbin has been quite sick for two weeks.   F.E. BUCKNER was taken sick Wednesday morning but is getting along pretty well.   George Athey and Eleanor Lemay were married at her residence here Tuesday evening, Tommy Cox officiating.   Miss Edith Coryell went to Robinson Friday on a visit.   John Hampton and wife were in Robinson Friday getting some dental work done.   Mrs. McIntosh who had been visiting her sister Mrs. D.H. Clements started Friday for her home in Sapulpa, I.T.   J.N Lindley has purchased seven acres of McCrory land adjoining town.   Hulda Maddox was called to Terre Haute Saturday by the illness of her sister, Mrs. Anna Harris.   Mrs. W.D. Hand and daughter of Robinson were here Sunday to see Mrs. Cooper.   Clayton Mount of Walnut Prairie is a regular weekly visitor here.   T.C. BAILIFF went Tuesday to Loxa to help Bro. Haddock in a meeting.







   Charles Prevo is grand juror for the March term of court at Robinson.   T.J. Welsh was in Fritchton, Indiana, east of Vincennes, last week in interest of his patent.   Miss. Bessie Walker is in Monticello for a few weeks visiting her sister Hattie.   Mrs. N.K. McCrory and her daughter, Mattie Shuler, started Tuesday for Newcastle, Cal.  Billy Reynolds team got away from him Tuesday as he turned the corner at the furniture store.   Lizzie Holladay came home Tuesday from a four weeks tour.   Charlie Prevo and wife began housekeeping Tuesday.   T.J. Athey went to Terre Haute Wednesday for a short visit.   Mr. Loar of Warrensburg, IL, visited with Web Hand and Mart Bower this week.   Wash Richards drove to Marshall Tuesday.   Alf Houston of Robinson was in town Tuesday.   Willie wheeler had an eye badly hurt while skating, Wednesday.   T.J. Wheeler went to Robinson Friday to attend the Baptist meeting.   Mattie Berry of Robinson Sundayed here with her cousin Edith Coryell.  Sunday afternoon the Sabbath School was reorganized by the election of C.G. Moore, superintendent; Mrs. Lickliter, Assistant; Free BUCKNER, secretary; J.F. BUCKNER, Assistant; Edna BUCKNER, treasurer; and Eva Lindley, organist.  








   Emma McGeath of Toledo, IL, came Tuesday and visited until Thursday.

   John Hull of Orange is on a twenty day trip through Mississippi.

   J.H. Rook stated Tuesday on a trip to New Orleans.

   Ves BUCKNER shipped a load of stock to Indianapolis Wednesday.

   A.H. drake and family transacted business in Robinson Monday.

   C.W. Moore, our railroad agent, was offered the agency at Mound City, where C.V. Newton had been until last week when he resigned.

   W.F. Ormiston started Thursday to Benton, IL, to look for a place.

   Mrs. George Whitlock went to Robinson Saturday to get some dental work done.

   Miss. Bertha BUCKNER was in Robinson from Friday until Saturday.

   Wiley Bell’s house is almost a hospital.   He and Martha Prevo have been very sick this past week.

   Sol Handy and wife and Miss Mount and Roth were in Marshall Saturday.

   Miss Mattie BUCKNER will teach a summer school near Annapolis.

   Ed BUCKNER and family of Hutsonville spent a week with his father near here.

   W.B. Evans transacted business in Robinson Saturday.

   Alonzo Draper has sold his interest in the saw mill to S. B. Price.

   Burl Bryant has been awarded the contract for carrying the mail from west York to Wells through Melrose and back daily for eighty cents a round trip for four years from next July.







   A.H Drake Sundayed in Sullivan County.   Hattie Gard’s school at Oak Hill closed Friday.   St Valentine party at Mrs. F.M. BUCKNER’S Thursday night.   Mrs. Marvin Newlin of Charleston spent last week here with relatives.   John Ridgeway of Fairbanks vicinity was here Wednesday looking at some property.   Uncle Charles BUCKNER went to Robinson Thursday to visit his daughter, Mrs. Cox.   C.S. BUCKNER and wife drove to Marshall and back Thursday.   Robert Bennett was in Martinsville Tuesday with a load of flour from our mill.   Miss Mabel and Ethel Bryce of Terre Haute visited May Morton from Monday and Wednesday.   Ira Titts hurt his face by the ax striking the clothes line and rebounding.   James Cooper has sold his property to Mrs. Whitmaker.   Mrs. Sylvester Spraker of Orange spent part of last week at the bedside of his father.   Wilson Voorhees of Advance, IL, was here Tuesday with a load of goods for Eugene Bennett who moved into the Musgrave room until he can build his house west of Mr. Lickliter.   Morton Mills and John McDonald with their families of Orange spent Friday with the family of Wiley Bell.   Mrs. Clara Bishop returned Tuesday from her trip to Kentucky.  Billy Holmes and Eugene Bennett were near Bell Air Sunday.   Allen Newlin loaded six cars with lumber last week for the Singer Company at south Bend.   Mrs. Fannie BUCKNER went to Robinson Sunday to spend a day with her daughter.   Fred Murkin of Hutsonville spent Saturday and Sunday with Fred BUCKNER.   Anna Bohnstedt will teach the summer school at Lower Union.   Mrs. Ethereal had a wood chopping Saturday afternoon.