The young men of Marshall and vicinity who are interested in the progress of Republican principles and the dissemination of Republican truth are requested to meet at the court house this Tuesday evening for the purpose of organizing a Republican Club.


Andrew, C.S.

Andrews, A.S.

Archer, Charles

Archer, L.G.


Balsley, George

Balsley, John

Barber, Noyes

Bartlett, Warren

Bradley, L.H.

Bradley, Robert

Bradley, Stephen

Byers, Henry


Calvert, John

Cooper, G.W.


Duncan, William


Fraker, Jacob


Gillen, John

Givens, F.

Greenough, J.P.

Greenough, O.


Harlan, William

Hawk, William

Holler, Henry

Howerton, Warren


Ishler, Isaac

Ishler, John


King, P.C.


Lake, Joseph

Lawrence, A.D.


Madison, Edward

Mark, Levi

Mark, William

Martin, Oliver

McKeen, N.S.

Miller, W.A.

Montgomery, H.H.

Mitchell, John

Mitchell, Thomas


Neal, Martin


Overmire, Silas


Park, George

Park, Thomas

Patten, John

Payne, Alexander

Plaster, Henry

Price, Alphonzo


Shaw, John

Steele, C.R.

Sutton, H.


Umbarger, A.

Umbarger, Wesley


Wallace, L.A.

Weatherwax, Charles

Whaley, William

Winner, A.S.











All such persons are earnestly requested to meet at the court house on the above day. Speeches will be delivered by several gentlemen.   Everybody turn out.


Alexander, A.

Allison, J.L.

Andrews, S.F.

Archer, Burns

Archer, Jesse K.

Archer, W.B.


Barber, E.N.

Bare, William C.

Blizzard, J.R.

Booth, Lyman

Bradley, S.L.

Bradshaw, Lewis

Bryant, Isaac

Bulion, J.R.


Center, Willard

Cooper, James W.


Denzer, G.

Devol, Noel B.

Douglass, Jared E.

Dulaney, R.L.

Dunlap, Allen

Dunlap, J.W.

Dy, Thornton F.


Earl, D.

Earl, I.S.

Eaton, Willaim C.

English, Burrows


Farr, J.N.


Gillen, John


Holmes, N.S.

Huffington, B.

Husted, John

Husted, N.

Huston, George

Hutchinson, J.N.


Irwin, Franklin


Johnson, Jonathan


Kester, Joseph

Kille, H.B.

King, Valentine

Kirchgraber, John

Kline, David

Knowlton, Benjamin


Lackey, E.

Lake, Milton

Lemon, M.K.

L’hote, Edward

Linn, M.G.

Lockard, W.H.

Lossen, Edmund



Madison, Channing

Madison, J.W.

Madison, R.

Martin, A.J.

Martin, Benson

Martin, J.F.

Martin, james

Mark, Jesse

Murphy, Harvey

Mars, John

May, David

Mayer, Christopher

Mayors, Fred

McCabe, James

Millhous, F.


Neal, Elza


Osborne, D.S.


Payne, F.R.

Payne, H.R.

Pittinger, R.S.

Plaster, H.F.

Plaster, James

Price, William S.

Pritchard, D.A.


Rankins, Robert

Reed, H.B.

Reed, M.F.

Reedy, James

Ritchie, H.E.

Rood, David


Sharp, Enos

Shaw, Gilead

Shaw, William

Stark, J.W.

Stark, John

Stewart, Walker

Stockwell, John

Slusser, E.

Slusser, Jeremiah


Taylor, Henry

Taylor, Robert

Taylor, William H.


VanMeter, William S.


Wallar, James L.

Washburn, Nate

Whitlock, Ogden

Widmer, S.

Williams, James L.

Willoughby, S.

Woods, Samuel