From Kansas (IL) Journal 25 August 1921
Submitted by;
Cindy McCachern
Annual Pinnell Reunion
Family Started These Yearly Homecomings Fourteen Years Ago
The Pinnell family fathered last Thursday at the old Pinnell
homestead, south of Kansas, for their fourteenth annual reunion.  The
homestead is now owned by H. F. Pinnell and has been in the
possission of the Pinnell family since it was granted by the
After the big dinner at noon, the crowd assembled in a spot prepared
for the program.  A very pretty background was arranged with corn
stalks interwoven with the national colors and American flags.  The
program was opened with prayer by Rev. F. B. Ward.
Mrs. Asa Greathouse gave a reading, "The Three Wise Men," which was
followed by a song by three little girls, Margaret Greathouse,
Mildred and Minerva Pinnell.
Reading--Margaret Jean Wilhoit
Reading--Alice Delap
Reading--Mrs. W. H. Fonger
Talk--Osborn Pinnell
Mrs. John Brown gave a talk on Revolutionary ancestors
Talk--J. B. Hammond
History of the Pinnell Family--W. E. Redman
Col. H. O. Boyer, of Paris, said the object of the meeting ws to
renew old acquaintances, saying it is beneficial and has a tendency
to bring about a more friendly feeling.
"I have seen my boy cousins, whom I haven't seen for a long time,"
said he.  "Yet we only live fifty miles apart.  No ill feelings
prevail.  We just drift apart in the ways of life.  The Pinnells were
long lived pioneers.  The represent a long period of time.
"All have not obtained the same success, but there is no better blood
than the Pinnells, Boyers, Redmans, Hawkins and Briscoes.  Back in
Kentucky they were Irish and Germans.
"Our ancestors came from the south and settled here because it wold
be better for their families.  They could make a living for two, but
they wanted their families to have a better chance.  If W. O. Pinnell
hadn't come up here his son, W. C. Pinnell, might have been raising
tobacco, working for a dollar a day.  He is now president of the
Kansas First National bank."
After singing "America," the ballgame was called.  The line up was a
follows, picked from the relatives in attendance.
Married men--Huber Pinnell, c; O. G. Arterburn, p; Ray Pinnell, 1 b;
Lawrence Pinnell, 2 b; Elmer Redman, 3b; Frank Zink, lf; John Brown,
rf; L. O. Tyler, cf; Chas. Pinnell, ss.
Single men--Brent Baber, c; Wilson Arterburn, p; Horace Pinnell, 1b;
J. C. Deams, 2b; Don Pinnell, 3b; Harold Redman, lf; Warder Redman,
rf; Robert Pinnell, cf; Harold Pinnel, ss.
The final score stood 11 to 0 in favor of the married men.