Melrose Grange met in counsel last Saturday.   Once again to the breach, they cry!   “We will fight it out on this line or die.”   After exchanging feelings of friendship and sociability, they proceeded to reorganize; first by paying delinquent dues, which had accumulated on them, by not attending regular meetings.   They had become indifferent to the cause they so anxiously espoused.   But the covenant is renewed and they came to the lodge with a resolution that says, we mean business.   We understand they elected Mr. Silas Criggler, (ex-worthy master) for the ensuing year.   If every Grange was presided over by an officer, who is as faithful and prompt, on the meetings of the lodge as the worthy master elect, of the Melrose and County Grange; we need have no doubts as to the permanency of this institution.   Those who prophesied its fate would be that of a mushroom, would silently say, I am not a prophet.   There are men who prophesy in times of great crisis, and time only convinces them that they are not of the inspired.