Unknown date bef 1939


Hutsonville (From the Herald)


Rex Pace is at Washington, Ind., assiting Herbert Fishel in training logs for the field trials.


Mrs. Axiom Spivey left last Friday for an extended visit with relatives in Nebraska


A horse belonging to Armstead Layton fell dead while working in the field Tuesday.  It is supposed the cause of death was  heart disease.


Three water trains have been run daily from the reservoir at the gravel pit.  The water is taken north to supply engines.


Ottis Hoskinson and family moved this week to Stockland, Ill., where he is employed as principal of the township high school.


About two hundred persons came up from Robinson Monday afternoon to attend a baptizing of converts of the Holiness Christian church.  Over twenty were  baptized.


West York


Our Sunday school is increasing in numbers ever Sunday.


Mrs. Mart Newlin visited friends in Robinson the past week.


Clem Beal of Terre Haute spend Sunday with Mrs. Alvina Layton.


Grandma Ferrell is spending a week with Florence Ferrell, in the country.


Mrs. Lou Cox of Robinson spent part of last week and this with Mrs. Moore and other relatives.


There will be a union prayer meeting in the M. E. church every Wednesday night.  All should attend.


Elder Boyer and wife of Sullivan, Ind., were here Saturday night and Sunday, and Elder Boyer preaced in Christ Church.


Guy Caldwell, our genial railroad agent, spent Sunday at New Burnside, Ill, where he was accompanied by his mother and sister.


The ladies of the West York Dramatic Club will give a play entitled "Topsy Turvy" in the Rook Building Saturday.


Dr. R. E. Black, of South Chicago sends the Herald an anniversary number of the "Daily Calumet," of that city, which gives a vivid idea of the tremendous business enterprises of the Calument region.