Monday last Mr. John Morton, introduced us to a gentleman by the name of James Hall, a citizen of Melrose Township this County.   Mr. Hall was born and raised in Fayette County, Kentucky.   He is now over 100 years of age.   He voted for John Adams for president.   After that he voted the Democratic ticket up to the time Lincoln was a candidate.   He is a member of the Episcopal Methodist Church.   Never used intoxicating liquors as a beverage.   He drinks but little water.   Chews a small amount of tobacco.   Does not smoke.   When 18 years of age, hunted bear in the State of Louisiana.   His occupation was that of a farmer.   Has been in this county 40 years.   Health is good.   He can hear equal to the young.   He can see to shoot a squirrel any reasonable distance.   He never used glasses at any period of his life.   He was attending probate court and walked when he come to town 16 miles, through the mud.   He is sprightly and would pass for a man of 60 years of age.   We would judge him to be about 5 feet, 7 inches in height, round and compact built.   Have high cheek bones and light eyes, very wide apart.   He has lived a temperate life in every particular.   He is the most remarkable specimen of humanity we ever saw.   We would suggest the county appropriate a sufficient sum to send Mr. Hall and Mrs. Blackburn, of Martinsville, to the Centennial.   Mrs. Blackburn is about 100 years of age, and is active and smart.   They would eclipse anything that will beat Philadelphia on the greatness of the Centennial, for activity and everything that goes to make up a fine physical human being.