Dr. C.D. Gulley is the only physician or healer known to have received the
endorsement of almost the entire county, the ministry, the legal profession,
the press, the representative citizens where he is known.   His hundreds of
strong testimonials telling of great relief given and of wonderful cures read
like miracles.

The petition below demonstrates his remarkable popularity as a healer.   This
petition is signed by 2000 leading citizens of Clark County, 1500 of them from
three townships.   A canvas of the entire county would easily secure 10,000
names.   Here is the petition:


To the honorable members of the Senate and House of Representatives of the
Legislature of Illinois.

We, the undersigned citizens of the State of Illinois, do hereby pray your
Honorable body to pass a law granting Dr. C.D. Gulley of Terre Haute, Indiana,
permission to heal the afflicted in the State of Illinois, as the State Board
of Health refuses to grant him a licenses to do so.

From our personal knowledge of Dr. Gulley and from what our neighbors say and
from his long list of testimonials from our friends and neighbors, we believe
him to be a physician of marked ability and skill and we believe the law unon
our statues book was intended to protect the people from impostors and not to
prevent them, as free born Americans, from employing the physician of their

We respectfully ask your honorable body to make such investigation as you deem
proper and firmly believe if you do you will say with us that the afflicted
should not be deprived of the services of so skillful a physician as Dr. Gulley
and will pass the law we ask and your petitioners will ever pray.

Adams, Edward Adams, William Alexander, Dora
Alexander, E.R. Allen, H.C. Allen, W.
Allenthorp, Cecil Allenthorp, Viola Anacher, Henry
Anderson, Frank Anderson, William Arbuckle, Esta
Arbuckle, William Archer, Junior Ashmore, Lon
Askin, Charles Askin, Ed Atwood, Jessie
Aug, Emma Aug, J.A. Aug, John
Aug, Lydia Aug, Mary Aug, R.J.
Baggs, A. Baggs, Daniel Baggs, Emma
Baggs, H. Baggs, Margaret Baggs, Martin
Baggs, Mary Baggs, Nora Baggs, William
Bailey, Bert Bailey, Lena Bailey, Ralson
Bailey, Randall Bailiff, E.L. Bailiff, R.J.
Bailiff, T.C. Baily, William Baird, George O.
Baker, James Bales, Sarah Ball, George S.
Bamesberger, H. Barker, T.J. Barkley, Fred
Barkley, W.N. Barlett, Archer Barlow, W.C.
Barnes, L. Barnes, T. Barnett, J.M.
Barnett, John Barrett, David Barrett, E.E.
Barrett, Lutitia Barrett, Warren Barrett, William E.
Bartlett, Charles A. Bartlett, Iredell Bartlett, Joe
Bartlett, Roy Bartlett, Walter Bartlow, Emma
Bartlow, R.L. Bass, A. Batter, Hank
Bauers, Luella Bayliss, James Beabout, C.A.
Beabout, Ed Beabout, L. Beabout, Wesley
Beadle, C.A. Beadle, Margaret Beadle, Reedus
Beals, Luther Beals, Mahala Beard, C.E.
Beard, H.A. Beasley, Evan Becker, Charles
Beckles, George Beebee, W.H. Beels, Luther
Beeson, N.G. Behner, C.F. Bell, Catherine B.
Bell, Cordelia Bell, J.A. Bell, James B.
Bell, Otis Belle, J.F. Belle, James
Belle, Thomas Belt, Theodore Beltz, John H.
Beltz, Orpha Benedict, E.H. Bennett, Asahel
Bennett, W.P. Benson, Frank Benson, J.P.
Berner, Fred Besch, Henry Besler, W.C.
Bierbaum, Anna Binning, S.R. Bishop, John
Black, James Black, T.L. Blackburn, Joseph
Blackburn, Lucy Blair, John Blakeman, James
Blankenship, Elizabeth Bless, Frances Bless, G.W.
Bless, M.R. Bless, Ursula Blizzard, A.R.
Blizzard, Claud Blundell, C.L. Blunk, Dr. A.G.
Blunk, William Bodine, Mary E. Boehmer, Henry
Bohanonan, Moses Booth, F.W. (Attorney) Bowden, Addie
Bowden, John Bowen, Emma Bowen, Eva
Bowen, J.H. Bowen, Perry Bowman, George
Boyle, Evan Boyles, Harry Bradley, Henry
Brady, B.F. Brandenburg, Cal Brandenburg, Ora
Brann, J.W. Brann, Joe Brann, M.E.
Bray, James Bray, Richard Braynard, Henry
Braynard, Perry Brewer, Mrs. John Brewer, Mrs. Stella
Breysacher, Nettie Brierly, Robert Briggs, Charley
Broadhurst, Maud Broadhurst, S.W. Brooks, James
Brosman, Florence Brosman, Homer Brosman, S.T.
Brown, C.L. Brown, Celia Brown, Daisy
Brown, Dan Brown, J.W Brown, Mrs. Ed.
Brown, Mrs. J.W. Brown, R.H. Brown, W.T.
Brown, William Bryan, Dora Bryan, Frank
Bryan, John Bryan, Laura Bryan, William
Buchanan, J.D Buchard, Ellen Buchard, F.M.
Buckle, Elmer Buckle, Isaiah Buckley, John
Buckley, Nora Buckner, C.S. Buckner, Fred
Buckner, Henry Buckner, Isabel Buckner, Luley
Buckner, W.H. Buckner, W.M. Burger, Charles
Burger, Edward Burger, Eliza Burger, Lois
Burger, Minnie Burkabile, F.B. Burkett, Garrett
Burner, C.W. Burnham, Dan Burnham, George
Burnham, J.E. Burnham, John Burris, Quinby
Burt, J.A. Bush, Louisa Bush, Noah
Butler, Charles Butler, W.H. Cale, A.T.
Calhoon, C.F. Calvin, Boone Campbell, H
Campton, Bertha Campton, Carrie Campton, Mrs. Leon
Canada, Peter Canady, H.D. Canady, R.D.
Carpenter, John A. Carpenter, Kate Carpenter, S.M
Carper, George Carter, C.E. Cassie, G.W.
Cassie, Mrs. Casteel, Anna E. Casteel, Bert
Casteel, G.. Chandler, B.F. Chaney, William
Chase, Sidney Church, Etta Clapper, Edward
Clapper, Eli Clark, A.R. Clark, C.E.
Clark, E.H. Clark, Emmet L. Clark, J.W.
Clark, T.W. Clatfelter, A Clatfelter, W.H.
Claxton, G.W. (Pastor) Claypool, E. Claypool, Jerry
Clayton, E.S.. Clayton, Peter Cleaver, Walter
Clem, William Clements, Elias Cleveland, Dan
Cleveland, John Cleveland, P.C. Cline, Daniel
Cline, G.M. Cline, William N. Clinton, Frank
Clough, James Coalman, Chris Coalman, Margaret
Cockes, James Cockes, Mary Coffel, George
Coffel, Tena Coffing, S.A. Coldren, Harry
Coldren, R.M. Cole, Cal Collier, G.W.
Collings, J. R. Collison, A.R. Colton, O.C.
Colvin, A.A. Cook, C.C. Cook, Edward
Cook, W.E. Cooke, Peter Cooley, Julius H.
Coombes, George R. Coombes, L.D. Coombs, Susanna
Coons, Frank Coons, J.E. Coons, Rev. John
Coons, William S. Cooper, Abner Cooper, Harry
Cooper, Iredell Cooper, M. Cooper, S.D.
Cooper, Willis Cork, Harry Cornwell, N.W.
Cosby, William Cotton, Frank Covert, C.
Covert, Fred Cowden, A.G. Cox, Francis
Cox, George Cox, James E. Craig, E.A.
Craig, Eunice A. Craig, James Craig, Jesse
Craig, John C. Craig, Julia Craig, Leroy
Craig, Maud Craig, Robert Craig, S.E.
Craig, W.M. Craig, W.T. Craig, William N.
Crawford, A. Crawford, L.P. Crawford, Robert
Cristler, John Crocker, Jesse Croll, Frank
Crouch, John Crow, Ben Crow, Samuel
Crumrine, Allen Crumrine, E.M. Crumrine, H.T.
Crumrine, L. Crumrine, William Cullop, J.F.
Cummins, Clead Cunningham, Henry Cunningham, Robert
Curtis, John Cutler, B.F. Cutler, Mrs. B.F.
Cutler, Ross Cutler, William Dailey, H.E.
Dailey, Len Daily, Frank Daley, Eva
Daley, John Daley, Lawrence Daley, M.B.
Daley, Otto Daley, William Daniels, Frank
Daniels, John Dare, Mrs. Gertrude Daugherty, G.M.
Daugherty, H.H. Davens, John M. Davidson, Annie A.
Davidson, E.L. Davidson, Fred Davis, Annie
Davis, Arthur Davis, John Davis, John W.
Davis, Lucy Davis, R. Davis, R.F.
Davis, S.A. Davis, William Davison, G.H.
Davison, George F. Davison, Huldah Davison, J.A.
Davison, Parker Davison, S.E. Davison, W.E.
Davison, Willie Day, D.G. Day, Nelin
Dean, Allen Deaner, A. DeBeer, Rev. George
Dehl, Emanuel Dehl, Samuel Delashmutt, Mrs.
Delashmutt, W.G. Dempster, Adaline Detrick, William
Devol, N.B. Dickerson, Levi W. Dickerson, Steve
Dilley, E.H. Dilley, I.N. Dittman, B.
Dittman, Edward Dittmann, William Dix, Corda A.
Dix, John W. Dix, Jonathan Dix, Jonathan A.
Dix, M.W. Dix, William H. Dodd, P.F.
Doherty, J.M. Doll, Walter Donovan, William
Dougan, J.H. Douglas, F.M. Douglas, Joseph
Douglas, Nellie Douglass, Pat Dow, John R.
Downey, George W. Downey, Nora Downs, J.
Downs, L.A. Drake, A.H. Draper, Pliny
Dulaney, Harry B. (Banker) Dulaney, Harvey Dulaney, Mrs. G.
Dulaney, R.L. Dulaney, R.W. Duncan, B.G.
Duncan, Wood Dunlap, William Eastman, H.E.
Easton, S.R. Eaton, Ed Eaton, Kim
Echard, James Eckel, Amos Eckel, Daniel
Edwards, F.P. Edwards, T.J. Eitel, Charles
Eldridge, Rosa Elledge, Sarah Ellenbaugh, George
Ellenbaugh, Julia Eller, Dock Elliot, J.H.
Elston, D. Emerson, Edward Engles, Hugh
Engles, Maggie Engles, W.D. English, J.W.
English, Ray English, William Etherington, I.
Etherton, M. Ethington, S. Evans, C.H.
Evans, Harvey Evans, Rachel Eveland, James
Fahlbush, H.C. Fain, L. Fainbridge, D.W.
Farr, D. Farr, John Farr, Lee
Farris, A.J. Sr. Farris, George Farris, I.
Farris, J.B. Farris, M.B Farris, M.M.
Farris, Robert Fasig, Lucinda. Fassnaht, John M.
Fawley, Tom Fay, C.W. Fears, Ben
Fears, T.H. Ferguson, John Ferrel, William J.
Fetters, J.W. Fetters, Mrs. J. Figg, B.
Figg, Charles Figg, J.L. Figg, M.
Figg, Mrs. Emma Findley, W.R. Finkbiner, Abe
Finkbiner, Chris Finkbiner, E. Finkbiner, Emma
Finkbiner, J. Finkbiner, Lilly Finkbiner, M.
Finkbiner, Manvel Finkbiner, W. Finkbiner, William
Finley, Thomas Finn, Sarah E. Finney, Calvin
Finney, Genetta Finney, James Finney, John
Finney, Nevada Fisher, Mary Fisher, N.
Fix, M.A. Fix, R.O. Fleet, John
Fleet, Mat Flesher, A. Flesher, P.M.
Flick, Alice Flick, D.E. Flickner, Rosa
Flowers, John Floyd, E. Forcum, Daniel
Forrester, Anna Forrester, Caroline Forrester, Emma
Forsythe, Anna Forsythe, Mrs. M. Forsythe, Myrtie
Forsythe, Norman Forsythe, W.H. Foster, H.M.
Foster, John Foster, Zane Fourgrief, Fannie
Fowler, Samuel Fowler, W.E. Fowles, E.E.
Fowles, Emily Fowles, Emma Fowles, William
Fox, C.A. Fox, Francisco Fox, Harry
Fox, Ira A. Fox, John Fox, Lewis
Fox, William Foy, Margaret France, Ed
France, John Francis, James R. Francis, Louisa
Francis, O.S. Francis, Robert Fredenberger, George
Frederick, Pansy Freeman, Charles Freeman, David
Freeman, S.M. Freeman, William Frost, Charles
Frost, M. Frowell, Reuben Fusion, Cannie
Gaddis, J.B. Gaddis, Milton Gaddis, Presley
Gallagher, James Gallington, Ora Gamron, J.M.
Gamron, James Gamron, Katie Gamron, Mrs. C.
Gard, A.C. Gard, Adam R. Gard, Alex
Gard, Daniel Gard, E.M. Gard, Ed
Gard, Fannie Gard, Myrtle Gard, Pink
Gardener, Robert Garlin, Charles Garner, Charlie
Garner, Clarence Garner, John Garver, Alice
Garver, J.J. Garver, J.R. Garwood, Joel
Garwood, Violet Gasaway, J. Gassett, Hattie
Gayhart, Emma Gayhart, Mike Geffs, Emma
Geisert, Clifford Geisert, Ed Geisert, Frank
Geisert, Mrs. Frank German, George German, William
Gibson, George Gibson, William Gilbert, J.M.
Gilbert, Mrs. Josetta Gilbert, William Gleason, George
Godden, Fillmore Golden, M. Golden, T.J.
Gore, F.T. Grabenheimer, Joe Grabenheimer, M.
Grady, George Graham, J.W. Grant, Edward
Grant, Zona Graves, Charley Green, Abraham
Green, B.F. Green, Cata Green, Clarence
Green, David Green, James. M. Green, Lois
Green, Margaret Green, Mary Green, Warren
Greenlee, Frank Greenley, Robert Griffin, Charles
Griffin, G.H. Griffin, Minerva Griffith, Ed
Gross, C.O. Gross, Fannie Gross, Hattie
Gross, J.E. Gross, M.A. Gross, Maud
Gross, Nicholas Gross, Polly Gross, Susan
Gross, W.F. Groves, David Groves, Henry
Groves, Olive D. Grubb, C.W. Grubb, I.
Grubb, John D. Grubb, William Guinnip, Ed
Gulley, L.W. Gully, Annie Gummere, John
Gunn, J.I. Guyer, E.F. Guyer, Sherman
Hackett, Huldah Hagar, G.B. Hagar, G.W.
Hall, Albert Hall, Alice Hall, Anna
Hall, Clarence Hall, Daisy Hall, E.
Hall, Emily Hall, Erastus Hall, George
Hall, W.R. Halorick, Layman Hamilton, A.A.
Hamilton, E. Hammerly, William Hammond, Allen
Hammond, C.W. Hammond, F.J. Hand, William
Handley, Myrtle Handy, Chester Handy, Nancy
Handy, Sol (Editor of Democrat) Handy, W. Hanks, John
Hanna, Anna Hardway, J.T. Hargrove, William
Harms, Charles (Pastor German Church) Harness, William H. Harris, Arch
Harris, Estella Harris, James Harris, Margaret
Harris, William D. Hart, Henry H. Hartley, John
Harvey, Charles Haslet, A.L. Haslet, W.P.
Hatten, E. Hauersen, J.F. Hawker, J.F.
Hays, A.R. Hazen, John G. Heath, Eliza E.
Heath, Moses Hedges, Frank Hedges, Gerome
Hedges, Joseph Hedges, Mrs. Esta Hedges, Robert
Hedrick, M. Helline,T.J. Hellman, E.
Helm, Ettie Helman, Catherina Helman, Clarence
Helman, Fred Hendershot, M Henderson, G.W.
Henderson, P. Henderson, Sophie Hendrick, Amelia
Hendrick, George H. Hendrick, Sadie Hennessey, Martin
Henry, William Hense, B. Hensley, C.
Hensley, James M. Hensley, R. Henson, William
Herrington, Huey Herrington, J.R. Herrington, James
Herrington, James W. Hess, Charles Hetherington, A.H.
Hewitt, C. Hewitt, L.W. Hewitt, M.A.
Hewitt, Thomas Higginbotham, John Hight, Cora A.
Hight, J.A. Hightshoe, John Hilbert, James
Hill, Ben Hill, Henry K. Hill, Oley
Hills, A.G. Hills, George Hippard, William
Hirt, John G. Hodges, William B. (Ex. County Clerk) Hodson, Robert
Hollenbeck, W.T. (Ex. County Judge) Hollingsworth, Mollie Holmes, James
Honderich, M. Hood, J.P. Hooper, F.M.
Hornbrook, Charlie Hornbrook, Henry Hornbrook, Mary
Horner, M.D. Horner, Mary Houk, G.B.
Houk, Will N. Houser, J.T. Howard, G.H.
Howard, Walter Howe, I.F. Howell, Mrs. H. C.
Howerton, A.L. Howerton, Clarence. Howerton, J.C.
Howerton, Mrs. A. Howerton, Walter Howeton, Mrs. S.E
Hubbard, J.W. Huckaba, Ed Huckaba, J.W.
Huey, Levi Huffington, Albert Hughes, E.J.
Hughes, Frank Hunsaker, Ben Hurst, Allen (Sheriff)
Hurst, Arnold Hurst, E.R. Hurst, F.M.
Hurst, H.G. Hurst, H.M. Hurst, Henry
Hurst, J. Hurst, J.H. Jr. Hurst, J.M.
Hurst, James Hurst, N.L. Husted, Grant
Husted, Walter Huston, Hiram Hutchens, John
Hutchinson, Dorcas Hutchinson, J.W. Hutchinson, Janette
Hutchinson, Mary Hutchinson, R.L. Hutchinson, Thomas
Hutchinson, Walter Ingle, Cute Ingle, M.A.
Ingole, Addie Ingram, L.F. Irwin, Allen
Irwin, Andy Irwin, Bart Irwin, Clark
Irwin, Isaac Irwin, S. Irwin, Simon
Irwin, Soloma Jackson, Austin Jackson, Frank
Jackson, George Jackson, Haden Jackson, Harden
Jackson, J.W. Jackson, Mollie Jackson, Perry
Jackson, Tillie Jaco, Anna James, Joseph
James, Walter Janney, Victor Jeffers, Alma
Jeffers, David Jeffers, E. Jeffers, John
Jeffers, John H. Jeffers, Tommie Jeffries, Mrs. Nevada
Jeffs, R.P. Jennings, E.H. Jennings, John D.
Jennings, Lovella Jewell, Levi Johns, Moses W.
Johnson, B.F. Johnson, I.W. Johnson, J.D.
Johnson, Jackson Johnson, Mary Johnson, W.L.
Johnson, William Jones, C.E. Jones, George B.
Jones, Rome Joy, Anna Joy, Eliza E.
Joy, Henry Joy, James Joy, John
Joy, William Junker, Philip Kader, John
Kannamacher, Fred Kannamacher, George Kannamacher, Jacob
Kannamacher, John Kaufman, Peter Keim, Mattie
Keith, J. Keith, Jack Keith, Mrs. Laura
Kellar, Charles Kellar, Harvey Kellar, J.S.
Keller, L.G. Keller, Samuel Kelley, W.M.
Kelley, Z.O. Kelm. Ora Kendall, Lewis
Kennedy, Edward Kennedy, George Kent, J.R.
Kestier, William Keys, John Kibby, Anna
Kibby, H. Kibby, William Kiger, Edmund
Kiger, Mattie Kiger, T.J. Kilborn, L.S.
Kilborn, O.L. Kile, Adam Kile, Eliza
Kile, H.W. Kile, William E. Kile, William F.
Kimberlin, Elizabeth Kimberlin, Thomas King, H.
King, Jacob King, Marion Kirby, I.F.
Kirby, J Kirby, James Kirby, William
Kirkham, Henry Kitchen, Alfred Kitchen, Herschel
Kitchen, Richard Kite, G.W. Kite, Mrs. G.W.
Kizer, M.J. Kizer, T.J. Kline, H.C.
Kline, Hester Kline, J.W. Klinger, John
Klinger, Kathy Klinger, Margaret Knight, Charles
Knight, S.C. Knox, N.H. Kreamer, George
Kreimer, Henry Kuhlman, L.P. Kuhn, Benjamin
Kuhn, John F. Kuhn, Rudy Kuykendall, C.E.
Kuykendall, H.C. Kuykendall, John Kuykendall, Lyman
Kuykendall, Minnie Kuykendall, Sarah Kuykendall, W.D.
Kuykendall, William Lahmer, Hugo Lamb, William
Lambdin, A.C. Lambdin, Barnett Lambdin, Gus
Lambdin, I. Lambdin, Mariah Lamson, Anna
Lamson, Bert Landrum, John Lane, John
Lane, Nava Lanes, J.R. Lansbery, Frank
Lansbery, J.A. Lansbery, J.R. Lansbery, John O.
Lansbery, Lucy Lansbery, M.O. Lansbery, Mark
Lansbery, Mary Lansbery, Sallie Lansbery, W.V.
Larison, John Larnison Larrison, J.A.
Laugel, A. Laugel, Oscar Laugel, S.
Lawson, David Lawson, Nathan Layton, Lucinda H.
Layton, Mary Layton, William C. Leasure, James
Lee, C.E. Lee, Harry Lee, J.E.
Lee, Julia Lee, P.H. Leet, William
Legg, G.O. Leith, John Lemaster, J.C.
Leseure, F.E. Leseure, John R. Leseure, Prosper
Leseure, S.M. Leseure, Sarah Leslie, C.K.
Lesson, L.G Lewis, Dan. Lewis, J.E.
Liffick, Andrew Liffick, Annie Liffick, Cale
Liffick, D. Liffick, E. Liffick, E.E.
Liffick, Elisha Liffick, Ellen Liffick, F.A.
Liffick, George Liffick, Ida Liffick, J.
Liffick, Joe Liffick, John Liffick, L.H.
Liffick, Lon Liffick, Mary Liffick, Maud
Liffick, Mike Liffick, Mike Jr. Liffick, Minnie
Liffick, Samuel Liffick, Sherman Liffick, W.
Liffick, W.A. Liffick, William Ligget, Fred
Ligget, John Ligget, Robert Lindsey, J.F.
Lindsey, Jackson Linn, Alex Linn, Walter
Linton, George Linton, T.H. Linton, William
Livick, Ada Livick, William A. Lockhart, H.
Logue, J.F. Lounsbury, I.B. Love, Fanny
Lovell, Charles Lovell, J. Lovell, Lucinda
Lovell, Reuben Lovell, Sarah E Lovell, Walter
Low, Laura Low, Margaret Low, William
Lowe, H. C. Lowe, John Lowe, Mary
Lowen, William Lowry, Elsworth Lowry, Lyman
Lowther, William Luckhaupt, B.B. Luckhaupt, Frank
Luckhaupt, G.W. Lutz, Joseph Lutz, Louie
Lutz, William Lycan, A.D. Lycan, W.S.
Lynn, Clarence Lynn, R.R. Sr. Machian, Jennie
Macke, C.H. Macke, Daniel Macke, Fred
Macke, Lizzie Madden, Mary A. Madden, Thomas
Magill, Emma Magill, J.D. Magill, John
Magill, John D. Magill, Joseph Mahan, Martin
Main, John Main, John L. Main, Mrs. Margaret
Maloney, John Maloney, Laura Maloney, Lorenzo
Maloy, Frank Manhart, L.A. Maring, Samuel
Markle, F.F. Markle, Mary M. Marshall, R.M.
Martin, B. Martin, C.D. Martin, James
Martin, John Martin, W.W. Marvin, B.F.
Marvin, J. Marvin, L. Marvin, Maggie
Marvin, William Mason, Perry Mason, W.D.
Mathews, A.B. Mathews, A.S. Mathews, Albert
Mathews, Allen Mathews, Bert Mathews, Mrs. A.
Mathews, Seth B. Matthews, Addison Matthews, Alex
Matthews, E.G. Matthews, Leroy Mattis, Annie
Mattis, Catharine Mattis, Martin Mattis, Samuel
Maurer, A. Maurer, B.C. Maurer, Blanche
Maurer, C. Maurer, J.D. Maurer, Mrs. B.C.
Maurer, S. Maurer, William Maurer, William H.
May, E.C. May, William McBride, J.
McBroom, Will McCarty, Charles McCarty, M.L.
McCoy, Elizabeth McCoy, Thomas McCrory, A.O.
McCrory, Bertha McCrory, Hannah McCrory, J.M.
McCrory, James McCrory, James M. McCrory, Maud
McCrory, Melissa McCrory, Pear McCrory, W.H.
McCtoskey, Charles McCullough, M.A. McCullough, Thomas J.
McCullough, W.J. McDaniel, C. McDaniel, George
McDaniel, James McDaniel, John McDaniel, L.C.
McDaniel, Will McDaniel, William McDonald, Arthur
McDonald, C. McDonald, Hugh McDonald, John
McDonald, William McFarland, B. McGee, J.D.
McGee, John McGee, Sarah McGee,Dorsey
McGuire, Milo McIlrath, James McKee, D.N.
McKee, Robert McKinney, John McKinney, Ola
McMullen, L.E. McMullen, Sarah E. McNary, Albert
McNary, Allen McNary, W. McNurlan, John
McNurlan, John Means, L.F. Jr. Medley, Luther
Medsker, Jonathan Medsker, William Meeker, A.H.
Meeker, Charles Meeker, N.A. Meeker, Oliver
Meeker, Orlando Meeker, Sadie Merrill, Luella
Messiah, Albert Metz, Charles Metz, Jacob
Michael, John R. Milam, Charles Milam, Henry
Milburn, Harry Miles, Clara Miller, Eugene
Miller, F. Miller, Jemima A. Miller, Lou H.
Miller, Martin Miller, R.B. Miller, S.W.
Miller, Theodore Mills, William M. Minnick, A.M.
Minnick, Jake Minnix, Arley Minnix, J.N.
Minnix, Jacob Minnix, Samuel Mitchell, T.L.
Moke, J.S. Montgomery, C.B. Montgomery, Ed
Montgomery, J.L. Montgomery, Thomas Montgomery, W.F.
Moore, Henry Moore, James Moore, John
Morecraft, A.W. Morgan, A.B. Morgan, C.
Morgan, Charles Morgan, E.J. Morgan, Edward
Morgan, Eliza Morgan, Henry Morgan, Henry A.
Morgan, John Morgan, M.J. Morgan, Oliver
Morgan, V.F. Morgan, Will Morris, C.H.
Morris, Cam Morris, Charles B. Morris, Jonah
Morris, Lewis Morris, M.K. Morris, Sarah
Morris, W. Morton, E.D. Morton, George O.
Morton, John Mosel, Albert Moss, Cam
Moss, J.T. Moss, Lon Mott, J.N.
Mott, Marion Mott, William Mount, Emma
Mount, J.V. Mount, Mayme Mount, Mrs. M.C.
Mount, S.A. Mount, V. Mower, William
Moyer, J.F. Moyer, Thomas A. Mullen, M.
Mullen, Perry Mundorff, H. Mundy, C.
Mundy, James Murphy, A. Murphy, I.R.
Murphy, Thomas Myers, C.W. Myers, J.E.
Myers, Orlando Myles, S. Nave, Bertha
Nave, Lida Nave, T.J. Nave, William T.
Neal, L. Neibarger, Mary Nelson, Dick
Nelson, George Nelson, Maud Nettleson, N. W.
Nettleton, Albert Nettleton, Ellen Nettleton, Lovina
Newburn, Fred Newburn, R.W. Newell, G.A.
Newell, J.A. Newell, Stella Newlin, D.T.
Newlin, Perl C. Nichols, Douglas Nicholson, Oka
Nickels, Gerome Nickels, William Noakes, W.S.
Noaks, George Noel, Henry Noland, John
Noland, Mary Noland, Silas Nonnenbruch, H.
Norey, S.C. Norris, Carrie O’Gara, John
O’Gara, W.E. O’Rourk, Anna O’Rourk, M.
Obrist, James Ogden, W.P. Ogle, William
Orndorff, J.P. Orndorff, N.C. Orndorff, Orill A.
Orndorff, T.L. (Ex-States Attorney) Orndorff, Thomas A. Orrell, William
Osborn, Ben F. Osborn, C.B. Osborn, Isaac
Osborn, J.T. Osborn, J.Y. Osborn, J.Y.
Osborn, Mrs. Anna Osborn, Mrs. Jennie Osborn, S.
Osborn, Sam Oxendine, Martha Oxendine, Richard
Paddock, Adda Paddock, J.W. Paddock, Mrs. G.W.
Paddock, Otis Padget, J.E. Page, Alice
Page, John A. Page, L. P. Page, Morgan
Page, Myrtle Page, Perry Page, Rev. J.A.
Page, Samuel Page, Sarah Page,J.A. Jr.
Parcel, J.W. Park, E.E. Park, May
Parker, Jane W. Parker, Sarah G. Parsons, Charles
Parsons, Henry Partlow, Eliz Patchett, Dell
Patton, Ambrose Patton, D.H. Patton, J.F.
Patton, Mary A. Patton, Sam Paulk, T.M.
Payne, A.M. Payne, J.P. Payne, Sam
Pearce, Emma Pearce, Thomas Pearson, Henry
Pearson, O.L. Pearson, Richard Pearson, Wesley
Perdue, J.C. (County Judge) Perisho, E.R. Perisho, Lafayette
Perry, William Petry, G.F. Phillips, Addo
Phillips, Elmer Phillips, Ira Phillips, Jacob
Phillips, N. Phillips, Oscar Phillips, Ottie
Phillips, Sarah Phillips, T.W. Piatt, James
Pickering, Ella Pickering, Hannah Pickering, William
Pine, Ben Pine, George Pine, Isaac
Pine, R.W. Pine, Roy Pine, Willford
Pittenger, Abram Pittenger, John Pittenger, Mary
Pittenger, Meda Pittenger, Sol Plaskett, C.S.
Plaskett, Cyrus Plymate, C.F. Plymate, L.
Poe, Perry W. Poffenberger, A.E. Porter, Mrs. J.S.
Porter, Sarah Postlewait, John Preston, F.
Prevo, Harriet Price, David Pritchard, G.H.
Ragan, George Ralston, J.P. Ralston, Prevo
Ramsey, C.J. Ramsey, Charles Ramsey, Ed
Ramsey, George Ramsey, H. Ramsey, Henry
Ramsey, James Ramsey, James W. Ramsey, John
Ramsey, John T. Ramsey, L.V. Ramsey, M.
Ramsey, Margaret Ramsey, Rebecca Ramsey, S.
Ramsey, Sam Ramsey, W.A. Ramsey, William
Randall, William H. Rasner, William H. Ray, Isaac
Ray, James H. Reasor, William Rector, J.L.
Rector, Will Redifer, Charley Reece, H.
Reece, Hannah Reece, J. F. Reece, J.D.
Reece, J.L. Reece, L.T. Reed, Ella
Reed, J. Reed, N. Reedy, Ross
Reedy, Sam Reese, Catherine Reese, Thomas
Remlinger, Adam Remlinger, Anna Remlinger, C.
Remlinger, John Renner, Chris Renner, George F.
Renner, John W. Reynolds, C.W. Reynolds, Emma
Reynolds, Orison Rhoades, Ella Rhoads, E.
Rhoads, N. Rhodes, Elia Rhyan, A.H.
Rhyan, D.F. Rhyan, H.A Richards, Mary A.
Richards, Thomas Richardson, Ann Richardson, W.E.
Richardson, William Richart, Newt Richart, Rose
Riley, Bense Riley, Charles Riley, W.
Riley, William Rinehart, J.B. Rinehart, Mrs. J.B.
Roberts, Emezetta Roberts, Myrtle M. Roberts, Nathan
Roberts, W.S. Robinson, Columbus Robinson, Frank
Robinson, Harley Robinson, John Robinson, L.
Robinson, L.D. Robinson, M. Robinson, Mary
Robison, Ellen Rockwell, Ida Rockwell, Musetta
Rogers, B.H. Rogers, C.B. Rogers, C.W.
Rogers, G.A. Rogers, Walter Rogers, Walter S.
Rolison, S.O. Rollings, George D. Rollings, J.F.
Rollings, John Rollings, W.D. Rollings, W.T.
Ross, A.N. Ross, Rev. W. Frank Ross, Sextus
Rothrock, L.D. Rothrock, Lottie Ruckman, Clara
Rude, Mary E. Ryan, Edwin Ryan, T.
Saiter, H. Sanders, Charles Sanders, H.
Sanders, Jacob Sanders, L.W. Sanders, Lizzie
Sanders, Wesley Sanders, William P. Schoffstoll, Alice
Schoffstoll, B.F. Schofield, G.H. Scholfield, John
Scholfield, S.M. (States Attorney) Schwanecke, Louis Schweitzer, J.D.
Schwilk, Jacob Scott, A.M. Scott, Ed
Scott, Everett Scott, Harry Scott, Mary
Scott, Sophia Scott, Thomas Sears, E.D.
Sears, L.A. Sears, L.S. Sears, Link
Seaton, Mrs. Wesley Seaton, Wesley Sebree, M.F.
Secrest, John See, Bertha M. Seidel, Anna
Seidel, Franz Serwise, E. Serwise, Malinda
Setzer, Henry Setzer, Mrs. William Setzer, Rebecca
Setzer, W.T. Sewell, B.F. Sewell, Isabella
Shackleton, David Shackleton, John Shackleton, Mrs. E.C
Shad, G Shade, Joseph Shadley, Frank
Shadley, H. Shadley, Kate Shadley, Sarah
Shaffer, Asa Shaffner, Hartford Shaffner, N.
Shaffner, William H. Shanks, Hattie Shanks, James
Shanks, John Shaw, William Shelton, Alex
Sherman, L.C. Shields, Ed Shipe, W.A.
Shipe, W.G. Shirely, E.J. Shively, A.
Sholfield, W.B. Shonk, Albert A. Shonk, Ed
Shonk, H.W. Shonk, Mary Shonk, W.G.
Shonk, Wilfred Shorter, Sherman Shotts, Frank
Shotwell, Elizabeth Shulz, John Simpson, A.T.
Simpson, Eliza Simpson, Ella Simpson, Marion
Simpson, William Sims, James Sims, May
Siverly, George Sizemore, A. Slavens, Charles E.
Slavens, George S. Slavens, Lydia Slavens, William B.
Slusser, Dave Slusser, George Slusser, James R.
Slusser, Morris Slusser, Sarah Smith, A.
Smith, Curtis Smith, D.H. Smith, Ed
Smith, Eli Smith, Froney Smith, Fronia
Smith, Lon Smith, Lonzo Smith, Lurelda
Smith, Mrs. Minnie Smith, Mrs. Sarah Smith, Myrtle
Smith, R.E. Smith, Robert Smith, Thomas
Smith, Wes Smith, William (Pastor Congregational Church) Smith, William J.
Smitley, Joe Smitley, Charlie Snavely, S.S.
Snavely, T.J. Snedeker, Arthur Snedeker, H.R.
Snedeker, J.Q. (Circuit Clerk) Snedeker, Josiah Snedeker, Mrs. H.R.
Snively, Mrs. J.E. Snoeden, Eph Snyder, A.
Snyder, Anna Snyder, Charles Snyder, James
Southard, Charles Spangler, G.W. Spangler, John
Spangler, Kaly Spangler, Oscar Spangler, Sarah
Spangler, Sarah I. Spangler, Tina Spencer, C.B.
Spencer, Carroll Spencer, Ella Spencer, J.C.
Spencer, Perry Spencer, Rosetta Spencer, Stella
Spencer, Volney Spenny, Mrs. S. Spenny, Stephen
Spenny, W.F. Spotts, Walker Spraker, Solomon
Spurgeon, Mrs. M. Staley, D.W. Staley, John
Stark, J.C. Starks, John H. Starks, Stephen
Starner, Mrs. M.C. StClair, H.B. Stephens, L.
Stephens, N.T. Stepp, D.W. Stepp, Sam
Steward, F.P. Steward, M.S. Stewart, Anthony
Stewart, James Stewart, James H. Stifle, E.L.
Stillwell, F.W. Stockwell, Bruce Stockwell, H. W.
Stoelting, Charles Stoelting, Cora Stogsdill, Jereme
Stogsdill, Jerome Stogsdill, Minnie Stogsdill, W.S.
Stough, Jonas Stover, Alfred Stover, Daniel
Stover, Harry Stover, Mrs. Lovina Strohm, Charles
Strohm, J.S. Strohm, Louis Strohm, Margaret
Strohm, Mary Sullivan, M. Sumas, A.J.
Swallum, V.O. Sweet, J.A. (Duputy Circuit Clerk) Sweitzer, Robert
Swim, Alpheus Swim, David Swim, Everett
Swim, John Swim, Marlan Swim, Mary E.
Swim, May Swim, Perry Swim, Susanna
Swim, Sylvester Swim, Vincent Swim, Vincent Jr.
Swindler, J.H. Swiss, James Switzer, Charles
Switzer, Lyman Swope, J.C. Swope, J.D.
Swope, L. Swope, Laura Taggart, Howard
Taggart, John Taggart, Lee Taggart, R.D.
Taggart, Walter Tapscott, John Taubeneck, A.T.
Taubeneck, Mary Taubeneck, Natalie Taubeneck, O.O.
Taubeneck, Otto Taubeneck, V.E. Taylor, Alex
Taylor, J.F. Taylor, W.F. Taylor, Willie
Terrel, Josiah Thacker, W. Tharp, O.P.
Tharp, Sam B. Thomas, John D. Thompson, D.
Thompson, Abie Thompson, Alexander Thompson, America
Thompson, Arch Thompson, Carrie Thompson, Cyrus
Thompson, Daniel Thompson, Edward Thompson, Emma S.
Thompson, Evaline Thompson, F.M. Thompson, I.
Thompson, J. Thompson, J.E. Thompson, Jacob
Thompson, James Thompson, John Thompson, Joseph
Thompson, L. Thompson, Louisa Thompson, M.A.
Thompson, M.J. Thompson, Madge Thompson, Mark
Thompson, Mart Thompson, Mrs. George Thompson, Nick
Thompson, Robert Thompson, Sam Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, W.A. Thompson, W.C. Thompson,George
Thornton, Clarence Thornton, Daniel Thornton, Miles
Tibbs, H.L. Tichenor, J.T. Timberman, J.D.
Tingley, Charles Tingley, Hattie Tingley, Jacob
Tingley, Reuben Tingley, Samuel Tinker, William
Tippy, S.E. Tobias, Frank Tolle, Alice
Tolle, John H. Tolle, Jonathan Tolle, Lott
Tolle, Mazana Tolle, Ranson Tolle, Scott
Towell, Viola Towell, W.J. Trader, G.S.
Trader, Z.D. Travioli, James N. Travioli, Joe
Travioli, William Trefz, A. Triplett, Frank
Troxel, N.F. Tucker, Anna Tucker, Jesse
Tull, Thomas H. Turner, F. (Pastor M.E. Church) Tyler, Charles B.
Ulrey, Isaac Ulrey, M. Ulrey, S.A.
Umbarger, Sam Umstot, Clara Umstot, J.A.
Umstot, Mary Umstot, Samuel Valtenberg, John
Vanarsdalen, W.H. Vandiver, Charles Vandiver, Olive
Vaughn, P.A. Veach, A. Veach, B.F.
Veach, Daniel Volkers, Edward Volkers, H.A.
Volkers, Mrs. E. Walker, B. Walker, C.H.
Walker, G.H. Walker, J.W. Walker, Owen
Walker, R.B. Walker, Ruth Walker, Sanford
Walker, Susan Walker, T.M. Walker, William
Walker, Willie Wallace, A. Wallace, A.F.
Wallace, Charles Wallace, G. Wallace, James H.
Wallace, John Wallace, John W. Waller, C.J.
Waller, william Wallis, G. Walls, George
Walls, J.W. Walls, Miranda Walsh, Samuel
Walter, G.H. Walter, Homer H. Walter, Nancy
Walter, Tom Walters, E.D. Walters, G.L
Walters, M.B. Ware, Fred Warshtler, E.M.
Washburn, Eliza Washburn, Etta Washburn, Joseph
Washburn, Ophis Washburn, W.H. Watson, Thomas
Watson, Will Weaver, Delia Weaver, George
Weaver, James M. Weaver, John Weaver, L.F. Sr.
Weaver, Levi G. Weaver, Mrs. M. Weaver, P.
Weeks, Clida Weeks, Frank Weeks, Nancy A.
Wefler, Jacob Wefler, James Wefler, Matie
Wefler, Will Weir, E.M. Weir, Emma
Weir, J. Weir, Jane Weir, John
Weisteache, John Weisteache, M. Welch, F.A
Welch, John Welch, Roe Wells, Ella
Wells, G.H. Wells, Harry Wells, J,M.
Wells, J.W. Wells, Wiley Welsh, Cooper
Welsh, F.T. Welsh, Green Welsh, Herman
Welsh, Ida Welsh, J.B. Welsh, John
Welsh, L.J. Welsh, Leroy Wernz, Albert
Wernz, E. Wesnitzer, George Wesnitzer, Mrs. George
Wesser, E. Wesser, Ernest Wesser, Matt
Whaley, William Wheeler, I.B. Wheeler, O.T.
Whitcomb, N. White, Charlie White, Dora D.
White, George White, Harrison White, I.D.
White, John R. White, Lafe White, Lizzie
White, Scott White, Thomas White, Thomas A.
White, W.F. Whitehead, F.H. Whitlock, Charles
Whitlock, G.W. Whitmore, Amanda Whitt, S.K.
Wichterich, John Wichterich, Margaret Wieland, Fred
Wieland, H. Wilbur, A. Wilbur, C.
Wilbur, Mary Wilbur, William Willard, F.P.
Williams, Charles B. Williams, Flo Williams, George C.
Williams, H.R. Williams, I.W. Williams, J.
Williams, J. I. Williams, J.W. Williams, Jesse
Williams, Joseph Williams, L.B. Williams, Laura B.
Williams, Lynda Williams, S.C. Williams, W.A
Williams, W.M. Williams, William Williford, William
Wilson, A.T. Wilson, Amy A. Wilson, F.A.
Wilson, H.J. Wilson, M. Wilson, T.B.
Winters, F.Z. Wintrmute, C.L. Wood, Harry
Wood, Henry Wood, Mary E. Woods, Albert
Woods, Allen Wright, J.L. Wright, Lyman
Wright, Walter Wyrick, Alfred Wyrick, Amelia
Wyrick, Enoch Wyrick, Francis Wyrick, Henry
Wyrick, John Wyrick, L.D. Wyrick, Martha
Wyrick, William Wyrick, Winfield Yargus, George
Yeley, J.C. Young, Wallace (Deputy County Treasurer) Zeabart, Joe
Zeigler, Amanda Zeigler, S. Zellars, Lydia
Zellars, Mary Zellars, Sophia Zeller, A.O.