The time for honoring the men who offered their lives on the altar of their country is nearly here and the patriotic citizens of this community gladly join the surviving old soldiers in the beautiful tribute to the dead soldiers.   The program arranged for the observance of the day is as follows.

   All old soldiers are requested to meet at the G.A.R. Hall at 10 o’clock Sunday, may 24, and march to the court room, to hear the memorial sermon by rev. E.L. Pletcher.

   Mrs. L.G. Archer, Mrs. Emma Lockard, Mrs. Emma German, Mrs. J.K. Black and a committee from the Pocahontas council and other whom they may select will take general charge of arranging the flowers for decorating the graves and all ladies are requested to assist them.   Flowers should be sent to the city hall by 8 o’clock Monday, June 1 or notify the post commander by Saturday evening.

   Details of Comrades to decorate the graves in the various cemeteries on June 1 are as follows.

Auburn—Amaziah Murphy, U.B. Church;   William Lowe-Zion

Darwin—James Bohn, Anthony Fuller

Dolson—S.J. Stephenson

Green Moss—Elisha Claypool

Hall—Albert Hall

Hill—Jacob Fraker, James G. Snyder

Forsythe—William Davis

Mitchell—William J. Goodrich, Jesse b. Norton

Zeigler—C. Zeigler, C. Ditzenberger

Livingston—Charles White, William A. Johnson

   Services will be held in the Livingston church Saturday, May 30, at 10 o’clock conducted by Rev. Mr. Owen.

   Monday, June 1, at 10:30 am procession will form in front of the city hall and March to the Catholic Cemetery.   At 2 PM services will be held in the opera house.