Flag of the Union Newspaper

Submitted by:
Cindy McCachern

1861-1864, Clark Co, IL
18 March 1864--The trial of R. H. Eaton for killing Dr. Duncan
consumed three days this week.  Hon. J. C. Robinson, J. Schofield and
R. L. Dulaney were for the prosecution.  Wm. Mack of Terre Haute and
N. P. Robinson for the defense.  Verdict of jury--not guilty.
8 April 1864--List of letters
N. Anderson
Mary A. Blunt
Joseph Bevans
America Beahem
Thomas Bandy
Elva Beeson
Maggie Blocksom
S. H. Brown
Susa Bullick
Isaac Beers
Eliza Catton
James Carpenter
Thomas H. Coyine

Polly Ann Chancelor
Margaret Clapp
Stephen Churchill
Furry Cain
Mrs. G. B. Camey
Orran Coxs
Hester A. Dickey
James M. Davis
Will H. Dalson
Carrie Ellis
Jackcob Erds
Harry Floyd
Sarah Fitch
Harriet Files
R. L. Foster
William Griffith
Elizabeth Green
William Griffan
Charles T. Gorham
M. E. Garver
James J. Hall
Joeph Hoyue
C. F. Hobart
J. M. Hillderbrant
Mary Handley
Hickman & Chambers
Lydia Handy
Richard Harris
C. W. Heam
T. R. Huntington
T. M. Kaylor
John Leach
Catharide Lee
Mary Jane Mailten
Wm. Montgomery
Ezekiel B. Moore
Anna Mathews
Jacob T. Miller
Jane Macy
Miesser & Co.
L. Musseter
Owen McEutee
Marshall Nutt
Rebecca L. Richards
Mary Rigsby
Amanda Roberts
Margaret Schaffer
Robert Stewart
Rev. A. Salesburey
Herst Selia
Monroe Shaffrer
Man Snider
Addam Scott
Frank Travioli
R. L. Thirsten
Emeline Tucker
John Wolf
B. F. Wayne
Peter Westland
John Wolford
Hon. Geo. Woodruff
George Wood
Daniel Wolf
Nancy Walter
E. L'Hote, PM
22 April 1864
Legore--Died on the ____ist of measles, Charley E., youngest son of
D. & R. Legore.
Shaw--Died in Marshall on Friday 15th, G. Shaw, aged 46 years.  He
was a member of the Western Sharp-shooters, contracted disease in the
field of which he died.
6 May 1864
Army Correspondence--Headquarters 4th Division, 13th A. C. Grand
E'coy, Louisiana, April 16, 1864
Editor "Flag"--Being about the only one left of Co. K to tell the
story, and desiring as much as possible to avoid a repetition of so
unpleasant a duty, I will furnish for the information of your readers
generally, and especially the relations of members of my compnay, the
following brief statement.........Our Regt. was in the first line of
battle on 8th inst.  The compnay went in with 48 men, 14 of whom were
assigned to us from Co. G.  Our morning report in the morning of the
6th shows the following:
Missing since the 8th:
Lieut. W. C. Pool, commanding Co.
1st Sergt. Young Whitlock
4th Sergt. Benson Martin
5th Sergt. Joseph Scott
4th Corp'l Erastus Hall
Loyd D. Baker
James Blizzard
Rector Cornwell
William Elam
Roberts S. Gard
Andrew Hickman
James Harris
Charles A. Kerby
Jeramiah Morgan
Samuel D. Myers
Thomas Roberts
William P. Steel
Jacob Wolverton
John A. Baker
John Boyer
James H. Duzan
Isaac N. Fletcher
Elijah H. Gates
Alfred Haddix
William Kerby
George Kennedy
James Metcalf
John Ross
John Shields
William True
Samuel W. Young
Returned since the battle, Corp'l Hamilton Jeffers, with a slight
wound in right thigh and James Snyder, drummer boy.
Of company G the following are missing:
Sergt. B. F. Turner
Sergt. Edward Dunn

Sergt. A. Dixon
H. M. Ellitt
J. G. Ellis
J. Gearhart
J. S. Gustine
L. Martin
J. G. Wigton
Returned since the battle
Corp'l H. A. Gustine
Martin Wagoner
A. Hanks
A. Miller
N.  Nation
Sergt. L. H. Bradley acting Q. M. Sergt. .left back in charge of Q.
M. Stores, Sergt. L. G. Hunt acting ordinance Sergt. in charge of
ordinances and Elijah Clim, teamster in charge of his team.....
Yours truly
Capt. J. W. Wilkin
Little Rock, Arkansas
April 17, 1864
Corporal Joseph Whitaker of Co. C, 62nd Ill. Vet. Vol. Inft., died
April 17th, 1864.