Arbadee Perry started last Monday with his party to Colorado to make that his future home.   His wife was troubled with some kind of lung disease.   All of our protracted meetings have closed but we hear that one is to be commenced at Salem before long.   Henry Millhouse has again started his huckster wagon.   A horse of William Plasket recently fell on the ice and killed itself.   Also one of Dick Duzans fell last Saturday and hurt itself.   William COONS is preparing to build a large cattle shed.   Mat Snyder, Ed COONS, and Walter Kendall attended a meeting at Grandview Wednesday night and Thursday morning of last week.   John Snyder’s wife fell while getting over a fence a few days ago and broke one of her arms between the shoulder and elbow.   Uncle Elisha Heath and Arva COONS are both very sick at present and their lives are despaired of.   Arva has lung fever and Mr. Heath is very old and has been quite feeble for some time.   A short time ago he took a cold, which settled in his lungs.   James Bell has taken a lease on some land near Oliver and will move his family there shortly.   Jeff  Paul will move into the house vacated by Bell.   The Green Moss School closes next Monday.   Three of the pupils went to Martinsville last Saturday to attend the teacher’s examination.   The Bartmess School closes Friday of this week.



AUGUST 7, 1888




Corn looks now as if it will make more than an average crop.   Harvest is almost over and threshing has begun.   Mr. Swope is the first with a thrashing machine.   Threshing will be a short job as very few have everything except oats to thresh.   F.B. Ennis, Elisha Claypool, Josiah Rardin, Hall Bros and Black Bros. have each bought a new binder and Joseph True, Emanuel Clapp, Jeff Paul, George Anderson and Elisha Claypool each bought a new mower.   Rev. R. O. Hawkins has agreed to continue to preach a short time for the Baptist Church at Clarksville.   There was a largely attended basket meeting under his supervision at Clarksville, July 15.

Nathan Hazen thinks of moving to Martinsville.   Arbadee Perry has located in James McIlrath’s house in Clarksville, since his return from the West.   Hen Hall has the East Liberty School for the coming winter.   Frank Lowery has the Green Moss School and Robert Phillips has the Brosman School.   Elijah Claypool has bought a new organ.   John Claypool talks of buying one.   Josiah Rardin has bought an interest in the Rardin Bros. Mill located in Westfield.   It is rumored that S.J. Stephenson of Clarksville intends to build a store room in Westfield and putting in a stock of goods and will also conduct his business at Clarksville.   The little son of Mrs. Martha Pinnell is making his home at John B. Beadles.

   George H. BOYER talks of moving up near Kansas on the farm of his daughter Mrs. Mary Keeran   an infant son of Mr. W.J. Plasket of Marshall was buried in Dolson Chapel Cemetery last Tuesday.