Wedding of Howard Craig and Blanche Trimble


From Clark County (IL) Herald

10 August 1904


Mr. Howard Craig, aged 26, and Miss Blanche Trimble, 21, of Ernst, came down on the Big Four excursion Sunday night, and were married this morning, returning home on the 10:30 train."  Mr. Carmel Register.


Prof. Howard Craig is one of the popular teachers in the Marshall schools and his bride is a very pretty young lady, also a teacher.  They thought they would fool their friends by slipping away and getting married and then keeping it a secret till Sept.


They boarded the south bound evening train on the Big 4 intending to go to Cairo but on arriving at Mt. Carmel found that the train didn't go any further so they got married there, coming home the next day.  They will go to housekeeping here in a few weeks.  We extend congratulations to the happy couple and promise them that we won't tell anybody that they are married--we will just let people find it out as best they can.