Mr. Editor:   Your columns being open for the discussion of the removal of the County Seat of Clark County, I propose to offer a few remarks upon that subject.   The removal of the seat of justice from Darwin about twenty years since, was premature and unnaturally and unjustly forced upon the people for the purpose of forever preventing the location of the county seat, at or near the geographical center of the county, where right and justice required it, and where a portion of the people who are determined to maintain their rights, will yet have it.

   The question was agitated at a time when the western part of this county was but sparsely populated, and as a matter of course the eastern vote prevailed and Marshall was made the county seat.   Since that time the subject of removal of the county seat to the center, has been more or less more or less warmly agitated and now the people of the western and other distant portions of the county, believing that they have the numerical strength, are determined to make one more effort to place the seat of justice where nature intended and where the majority of the people now ant it.

   Every argument that is possible for the friends of Marshall to put forth, we are fully aware will be zealously enforced.   Public buildings, damages and increased taxation, will stand forthwith most prominent in the category.   But the western people are fully prepared, ready and willing to dispose of the fallacy of such arguments.

   The court house in Marshall is now is in such dilapidated condition as will require rebuilding in two or three years.   While the donations to the new site for the county seat will put new and substantial public buildings at Hillebert Point free of expense to the tax payers of the county.

   There is one very important fact connected with this subject, for the people of the whole county to inquire into.   Why is it that Clark County with revenue, for the last several years of some $4000 is in debt about $2000 and that debt steadily increasing?   This inquiry may suggest that a change of rulers and freedom from Marshall domination, as well as the removal of the county seat, is necesary for the welfare of the county.

   There is a good time coming and let western people be prepared for the grand rally, which is to take place on the 3rd Monday in May.   Remember it, and organize into bodies of minute men and let him that is on the house top come down and go to the election and Hillibert Point will carry by a handsome majority.

Yours Respectfully,