Clark County Democrat
Submitted by:
Cindy McCachern

Excerpts from the Clark County Democrat 26 October 1898.
Fishback Fins
Allen Hurst spent Wednesday night in our vicinity...Jack Higginbothan
has returned home from Arkansas.  He did not like the
country....Several from this vicinity attended the wood chopping at
Mrs. Mary Wilson's last Wednesday....Mrs. Mollie Sears was calling on
Mrs. Charles Williams last Wednesday.....Henry Taylor and Will Sears
spent several days of last week at George Davidson's on Mill
Creek....Joseph Campbell, of Terre Haute, spent last week with
relatives in this vicinity....Mrs. Manda Kemper and little daugther,
Marie, of Martinsville, spent last week with the former's sister,
Mrs. Saraha Haslitt....Harry Donor made a flying trip to Indiana one
day last week....Miss Nora Sears is attending the home school since
school closed in Marshall....George Morris and family and Mrs.
Finton, of near Prairieton, Ind., were the guests of James Pickens
and family Saturday and Sunday....Will Travioli and wife took dinner
with their aunt, Mrs. Lucinder Glover, of Cohn, last
Wednesday....Several of this place attended the speaking at Cohn last
Friday afternoon.  The speech was delivered by Hon. G. N. Parker of
Robinson.....Little Minnie Geisert spent last Saturday at her
brother, Frank's near Marshall....Joseph Fishback's mill is running
in full blast.  They have been busy sewing for two weeks....Little
Bessie Williams is staying with Mrs. Jacob Fishback....We think Will
Sears had too many girls Sunday night.....Leroy Sears, wife and son,
Harry, spent last Sunday at Charles Stepp's near
Dennison....Travelers were plentiful in our vicinity last week.  They
got a good supply of provisions.

Melrose Melodies.
Corn husking has commenced in this locality....Rev. Beltz delivered
an excellent sermon here Sunday night....Mrs. Barnes is visiting in
Ohio....Several of our young men have gone north to seek employment
in the maize fields....Candidates are at a premium here....T. R.
Cornwell has opened a new clearing which is proving very beneficial
as fuel can be had for the asking and a willing hand to use the ax. .
...Dr. Wilson, of Indiana, was in our village last week viewing the
surroundings with some intention of locating here.  We are uninformed
as to his conclusion.
West York You-knows.
Adam Gard was shaking hands with the boys in our city last
Wednesday....F. E. Buckner and Fred Weir returned from Tennessee
Friday after two weeks visit among relatives....Frank Weeks of
Farmersburg, Ind., was circulating among friends in our city Thursday
and Friday of last week....F. I. Buckner and J. V. Runkell were in
Hutsonville Sunday afternoon on Business pertaining to the Epworth
League....Corn husking is the order of the day....Our sick are all on
the road to recovery....Price Carter is greatly elated over a new son
at his house....Some of our boys are trying to pull in the ___ny,
tribe at the Old Bed Sunday afternoon.  The catch was small....Fred
Lathrop of Robinson, was in our city Thursday looking after the
tombstone business.  On Nov. 12th and 18th there will be an Epworth
League convention held at this place, composed of three appoinments,
West York, Hutsonville and Palestine.  The program promises to be
quite entertaining.  All are invited...Mrs. T. Handy (nee Willard),
of Kansas, came Saturday to visit relatives for awhile.  She is a
this writing visiting her sister, Mrs. C. C. Marshall.....Mrs. G. W.
Bishop of Palestine spent sunday at John Mounts....Mrs. Emma Prevo
and little children were visiting at John Mount's Sunday...Allen
Green has again opened up a sale barn in our city where the farmers
can dispose of their horses, Patronize home boys, and get value
received....Mrs. James Prevo and daughter were trading in our city
Saturday....Dr. Cullop and Ed Mount were in Casey Sunday....S. C.
Prevo was perambulating on our streets Tuesday a.m....The side walk
leading to the depot from Pisga's Peak is in bad shape and if someone
don't crack his cranium before spring we'll miss our conjecture.

West Union Undertones.
More rain, more rest for the laborers....Richard Handy returned home
from Missouri Friday night and he says he has seen lots of good land
and lots of bad land.  On Sunday, thirty-six of his relatives spent
the day with him at Edward Williams.  Bro. Boyers filled his regular
appointment at the Christian church.  There was a large crowd
attended....Miss Lucinda Smith is on the sick list.
Martinsville Meanderings.
S. D. Cooper and William Crow of Melrose township were here on
business on Saturday....Edgar Summers transacted business in Marshall
on Saturday....Thomas Gamble of Staunton, Ark., has been visiting
relatives and old friends here....Dan and Tom Tibbs of Indiapolis
were here a part of last week....Prof. J. W. Scoles has been granted
a patent on a nonsinkable tin cup.  He has some good offers by firms
who desire to obtain control of the manufacture and sale of the
cups....B. F. Cardell and Miss Amanda Ladd were married at the home
of the bride in Parker township on last Wednesday night.  Rev.
Jackson Lindsey performed the ceremony....Miss Ida Thornburg is
visiting in Chicago with Prof. William Radebaught and wife....Esquire
Harrison and wife of Orange visited the asylum for the insane at Anna
last week....There are many case of diptheria south of town.  Some of
the schools have been dimissed on account of the prevalence of the
diesase....Politics is still quiet in thei town and vicinty but the
Democrats are earnestly supporting their ticket and will turn out on
election day and vote the ticket....C. R. Barr received premiums at
the Greenup fair on his fine team of horses and also on his apples,
corn and bread....C. R. Winterowd is at a hospital in Chicago, having
his eyes treated....H. J. Goff, formerly of Marshall, has opened a
shoe shop in Flenner's tin shop....The people of Martinsville have
always taken pride in giving one of their citizens a very
complimentary vote and in very few instances has ever a Martinsville
man been defeated for office if nominated.  This year one of our
representative citizens is a candidate for county clerk and our
people regardless of party will vote for him.  Jesse Gallatin
deserves the support of every voter in the township....Hick Morgan
has purchased Arthur's livery barn and dwelling and will conduct the
business....Rev. D. V. Goudy, the new Methodist minister, is making a
very favorable impression on our people, and seems to be an able
preacher....Charles Briscoe, of Westfield, bought a number of mules
in this vicity last week.