Clark County (IL) Democrat
Submitted by:
Cindy McCachern

From the Clark County (IL) Democrat, 10 November 1897
Some weeks ago Otto, Ezra, George, and David Cornwell, Johnny Miller
and Charlie Wright, boys of Melrose township, while racing on the
highway west of West Union, ran into a buggy and badly wrecked it and
badly frightened and somewhat bruised its occupants, a woman and a
little girl.  Complaint was made in Esquire Martin's court on the
4th, charging the boys with the crime of racing on the public
highway.  The boys were placed under bond and the cause continued
until Friday of this week.
George Pinkstaff, a 13-yearl old schoolboy of the Monarch school in
Crawford county, assaulted his schoolma'am with a club and was
arrested and fined.  The whipping post should be brought to use in
such cases as this.
A number of girls from this city and county have gone to Terre Hatue
to work in the overall factory and, consequently, domestics here are
in greater demand than ever in some sections of the county it is
impossible to secure a girl to do housework.
Rev. Manary, a young and handsome pastor of the Baptist church in the
Oregon neighborhood south of Terre Haute, is having a world of
trouble.  There have been many slanderous reports circulated about
him and a few nights ago a bundle of switches was left at his door.
He is not frightened in the least and boldly announces that he will
stay and defend his good name even though it be necessary to appeal
to the courts.  He has threatened to sue a number of the members of
his congregation for slander.  The young minister is unfortunate in
being single and his friend claim that all the young women of the
neighborhood have been casting covetous glances at him.
The marriage of Miss Julia Spittler, daughter of Fred Spittler, of
Anderson, to John Ward, son of William Ward of Martinsville, will be
solemnized at the home of the bride on next Wednesday evening, Nov.
17.  Both are members of prominent families.
The taxes in Marshall will not be quite so high this year as last.
The books are not completed, but from the rates that are to be
extended we learned that the taxes will amount to about $12.51 on the
hundred dollars equalized valuation.  This rate is certainly high
enough.  About one-third of the tax is for school purposes.