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  The following information comes from the April 27, 1886, minutes of the Clark County Board of supervisors.


   The following COMMITTEES were appointed by the Board of Supervisors.


CLAIMS:   E. Hurst, N.B. Devol, Ed R. Brown, Alexander James and John Page.


POOR:   Ed R. Brown, Alexander James, E. Hurst


FINANCE:   Sim Best, John Baker, Joe Lutz


PRINTING:   Lewis weaver, Abe Harrison, John Page


EQUALIZATION:   C.R. Winterrowd, Abe Harrison, William McNurlin, RECTOR CORNWELL, Lewis Weaver, A. Lee, John Baker


IMPROVEMENTS:   Joseph Lutz, C.R. Winterrowd, A.Lee


COUNTY OFFICERS REPORT:   William McNurlin, N.B. Devol. Sim Best


   The following petition of Wilfred Shaw was presented to the board.

   "Your petitioner , Wilfred Shaw, of the County of Clark and state of Illinois, respectfully represents that he is the owner of a ferry across the Wabash river, from the town of Darwin to the opposite shore and as such owner, desires to obtain license to maintain the same in accordance with the statute in such case made and provided.   He further asks that your honorable body fix the fees for ferriage across said river and that the same be made to correspond with the fees fixed by the commissioners of Vigo County, Indiana, for the same ferry and for like services."

  Baker moved that ferriage license be granted to Wilfred Shaw for ten years at $3.00 a year.   Carried.







The board of supervisors for Clark County, Illinois, for the year 1886 is as follows.


ANDERSON TWP                 James Hill, Democrat

AUBURN TWP                       Elisha Hurst, Democrat

CASEY TWP                          Alex James, Republican

DARWIN TWP                       John W. Baker, Republican

DOLSON TWP                       Joseph Lutz, Democrat

DOUGLAS TWP                    Ed R. Brown, Democrat

JOHNSON TWP                    Lewis Weaver, Democrat

MARSHALL TWP                  N.B. Devol, Republican

MARTINSVILLE TWP           Carey Winterrowd, Republican

MELROSE TWP                     T.R. Cornwell, Republican

ORANGE TWP                       William McNurlan, Democrat

PARKER TWP                        Simon Best, Democrat

WABASH TWP                      John Page, Democrat

WESTFIELD TWP                  Andrew Lee, Republican

YORK TWP                            Abe Harrison, Republican