At the March term of the Board of Supervisors of said county and state, began and held at the court house in Marshall on Monday the 6th day of March 1876, the following supervisors were present.   Some of these supervisors will be replaced at the upcoming election.

Anderson Twp             Nivan Craig

Auburn Twp                 Absolom Murphy

Cumberland Twp          Harry Hedges

Dolson Twp                 J.C. Phillips

Douglas Twp                A.J. Wilson

Darwin Twp                 Clark S. Hall

Johnson Twp                Lewis R. Beason

Marshall Twp               John M. Archer

Melrose Twp                Wash Kreager

Martinsville Twp           V. B. Bean

Orange Twp                 J. Ellington

Parker Twp                  William Barbee

Westfield Twp              B.A. Lowry

York Twp                    A.J. Raridon

Wabash Twp                Phillip Benallack








   Tuesday’s elections in most places in this county passed off quietly while in a few instances the fist and knife were used as knock down arguments.   This township was harmonious in every particular.   The front doors of the groceries were closed.   Jugs were brought into livery requisition and a wonderful number of drunken men were the result.

   The following is a list of the newly elected Supervisors of the County.


Marshall Twp               John M. Archer, Democrat

Anderson Twp             Nineveh Craig, Democrat

Darwin Twp                 C. S. Hall, Republican

Wabash Twp                Phillip Benallack, Democrat

Douglas Twp                John Hornbrook, Democrat

Dolson Twp                 J.C. Philips, Democrat

Martinsville Twp           William Towell Jr., Democrat

Casey Twp                   William Bridgeman, Democrat

York Twp                    Albert Prevo, Democrat

Westfield Twp              Squire Drake, Democrat

Parker Twp                  W. Barbee, Democrat

Auburn Twp                 Nelson Shaffner, Democrat

Johnson Twp                Bennett, Democrat

Melrose Twp                Joseph .S. Wells, Republican

Orange Twp                 Jonathan C. Ellington, Democrat