Submitted by;
Cindy McCachern



   The Clark County Agricultural Society met at the court house in Marshall at eleven o’clock A.M. and was called to order by the president, Dr. F.R. Payne.

   Election of officers for the ensuing year being in order on motion of Dr. D. Gard, Captain Ed Harlan was elected president.   On motion of J.C. Bryan, Dr. Daniel Gard was elected vice president.  On motion L. Booth elected treasurer and J.W. Wilkin secretary.

   On motion of O.G. Stephenson, it was resolved that the constitution be so amended as to read one executive committee member from each township instead of three.

   The following gentlemen were then duly elected members of the executive committee from their respective townships.


Dolson Twp---F.B. Ennis

Wabash Twp---John Crosley

Anderson Twp---Squire Mundy

Marshall Twp---William T. Adams

Auburn Twp---Allen H. Michael

Martinsville Twp---William McFarlan

Melrose Twp---Hesakiah Griffith

Westfield Twp---Mumford Laws

Parker Twp---Henry Briscoe

Johnson Twp---Joseph Bennett

Darwin Twp---John Winsett

York Twp---Charles Buckner

Orange Twp---John J. Sewell

Cumberland Twp---R.R. Scott

Douglas Twp---Lewis Mane


   On motion resolved that the secretary be required to notify each member of the executive committee of his election, and request them to inform him of their acceptance of the office within 15 days, and that he also urge upon each member the importance of prompt and diligent exertion on the part of such committee, in order that the coming fair be a success.

   On motion resolved that the executive committee be required to meet at Marshall on the third Saturday of June.  

   On motion resolved that the proceedings of this meeting be published in the Marshall Messenger and Clark county Herald.

   On motion society adjourned.

ED HARLAN, president