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Flint Family
Clark County IL

Submitted by Rich Flint <Electronmo@aol.com>

The following Flint family history and information for Clark County, Illinois was transcribed from old letters in my files.
Richard G. Flint Littleton, CO.  24 May, 1995.

Casey Ill.         RD.4 - Bx 17         April 7 - 1919.
Jesse B. Flint Fargo N. Dak.

Dear Son: -  At last I've taken time to Coppy all I know of Father's family   I've brought the history of Clark & Crawford County up some time ago but it seemed I never had time so I just took the time to day there are some mistakes in the book not only in the history of Uncle Jake but several other families I am acquainted with and know (positive?) of the mistakes however the book is interesting now to read, I am sorry we don't  know the dates of all but you will notice your Father was only 7 when his father died and he never even had the old Bible. Clarinda has it now and I wish we could see it once. You will notice the way a good deal of the history is written seems rather awkward   at least it seems so to me seems to have been gotten up by an amature.   but I felt it was best to give an exact coppy.  One thing I noticed left out was no mention of Grandmother Flint being a widow when her and  father  was married she was and had one Daughter her name was Mary Ann White she married (Joab?) Howell you
remember they visited here and we gave them their Golden wedding dinner and Uncle Jake her Birthday dinner the two dates were only a few days apart.  If I ever see John Howell in (Ellsworth?) again I will find out more about her they might be able to tell when Grand-father & Mother were married; they live at Newton or did last we knew. Your father ran in to John a few years ago in Casey.  John was in a hurry couldn't come out.  now if anything isn't clear or if I have made any mistakes I will try to make all clear. Every body is rushing (Oats Sewing?) now  Peaches in blum so are my Hyacinth they are Lovely wish Harold had a bouquet.  we certainly would love to see him learn and would enjoy helping him with his little questions when he did not get ahead of us  we are glad he liked his Cake of Course I know it - must have been pretty dry but it - was just  (Comerry?) as it  did made it  good to him.  As your mail so slow we have to wait so long for mail sometimes Just like the freight  it takes freight two or three weeks to come from Indianapolis here then two or three days to get (ward?) to us once we had to buy storage and was needing the freight badly  Its such inefficiency everywhere.  We are neither one very well again not much strength spring fever I guess.
Love to all
big hug and kiss to Harold.
Father & Mother Flint

Taken from the history of Crawford & Clark Counties Ill. published in 1883.
Jacob Flint,  farmer, P.O. Casey came to the County in 1840, and has been a resident here ever since.  Jacob Flint was born in 1832 Sep 6, in Franklin Co. Indi; he was the third Son of Benjamin Flint, who was born in Maryland in 1795, and removed to Indiana, in Franklyn County, when a young man, and there married Elizabeth Bake, a Pennsylvanian, born 1800 Jan 22, daughter of Jacob Bake, Soldier in war of 1812.  Mr. Flint the father of Jacob engaged in farming in Indiana, and remained there untill the spring of 1840 Mar. 4th    Landing at the head of Painter Point, and located on land in the South-west part of the township which he had previously entered; he located his cabin in the SouthEast corner of Section 30, and there spent the remainder of his days.  He died of milk-sick on Oct 27 - 1849 his wife outlived him untill 1878  1879 June 14. They had seven children born; six lived to be grown, viz; Peter, John, Jacob, Keziah, and William but Jacob and William now living. Jacob now represents the father, and remains at the homestead; he came here with his parents as above described, and remained on the farm until August, 1861, when he enlisted in Company F, Fifty-ninth Regiment Volunteer Infantry, and Served three years and over; received his discharge Sep. 1864; during this time he paticipated in the following battles:  first at Pea Ridge, Stones River, Chickamauga, Lookout  Mountain, and all the battles up to the taking of Atlanta.  At Stones River, he received a slight wound; aside from this, received no wounds, but contacted disease Scurvy in feet and legs.  Upon his return from the war, he resumed farming on the homestead, and has since remained.  He was married, June 18 - 1855 to Hannah, born in Ohio, 1831 July 7th, daughter o f  William J. Shaddley and Francis his wife.  he had six Children five living viz: Albert, Clarinda, Mary, Joseph Hickes and Charles; all at home save Albert, who is doing for himself.  Members of Universalist Church.  In politics, he is Republican.  Subjects Grandfather on his Mother's side was Jacob Bake, a Soldier of the war of 1812.
You will notice this history gives your Grand mothers death as 1878 that is a mistake she died as you will notice by the correction  she died  on.  June 14 -1879  Just three days before your Mothers death  June 17 - 1879 - they had your Fathers name before Keziahs's name but your Father was the youngest so I wrote names in order. here let me add Uncle Jake united with the Chrisitian Church and was immersed a few years ago.  I have written the names of Birth and Death on an other sheet you can pick out just what you wished to know and place record in your Bible it will certainly be nice for Harold someday.
(signed)        Mother -

Uncle Jake passed away Aug 4 -1918 on the anniversary of his enlistment in the war in 1861 also Anniversary of Germany declaring war - The last time we visited with him before his sickness I went into his room to speak to him as I always did  he was reading his red letter Testament like the one I gave you he liked it because the Savior's words were printed in red it - made it plain to him.  We miss him
(signed)        Mother -

Benjamin Flint Born in Maryland  1795
Elizabeth Bake Born in Pennsylvania Jan. 22 - 1800 were married in Franklin Co Ind. date unknown
They had 7 children 6 lived to be grown
Peter    date of birth unknown
John  date of birth unknown
Jacob Born Sep 6 - 1832 in Franklin Co. Ind.
Samuel  Date unknown
Keziah Date unknown
William  June 11 1842 in Clark Co. Ill.  Johnson Township.

Benjamin Flint  Died Oct. 27- 1849 Elizabeth Flint Died June 14 - 1879
Jacob Flint Died Aug 4 - 1918

Footnote:  William was  the youngest of his family,  and father to Jesse Flint.  It appears that William's father Benjamin Flint  passed away of milk-sick when William was 7; and Jacob(Uncle Jake) more or less took over as the father figure starting at the age of seventeen; perhaps because the older boys, Peter and John, were already grown and gone. Jake enlisted as a soldier and infantryman for the Union during the civil war at the age of twenty-nine. This letter was written by Sally,  Jesse's stepmother.  Jesse's real mother passed away in 1879, just three days after the death of his Grandmother Elizabeth.

RGF  5/24/1995

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