Cornwell Bible Record

T. R. Cornwell and Sarah E. Reed were married Jan. 31st 1871 to this union
were born seven children.
T. R. Cornwell born May 7, 1842, Sarah E. Cornwell Dec. 4, 1849. 
This bible remains in my family goes to Otto first then the other members
of my family it passes on down after my children's death to the grandchildren.
Sarah E. Cornwell
Effie Cornwell--Feb. 1, 1872
Maggie Cornwell--March 17, 1875
Otto Cornwell--April 17, 1878
Ezra Cornwell--Aug. 5, 1881
Charles W. Cornwell--June 27, 1883
Ray Cornwell--August 15, 1888
Roscoe Cornwell--August 15, 1888
Betsey Thompson--July 22, 1885
Otto Recto Cornwell was married to Betsey Thompson March 22, 1903.
T. R. Cornwell died January 27, 1905
Maggie Cornwell died May 27, 1907
Sarah E. Cornwell died March 12, 1929
Ray Cornwell died Dec. 8, 1918
Otto Cornwell passed away at Herb Lindsay's June 23, 1950.
William Reed--died May 9, 1908
Martha Reed died 1903
Presented to Otto and Betsey Cornwell by his father Rector Cornwell.
*This Bible was copyright 1890 by A. J.  Holman Co.
The above material was copied as it appeared in the bible April 11, 1979,
by Ron Cornwell, Edwardsville, IL.

Submitted by:
Cindy McCachern